They've gone...back in May of next year with any luck and a back wind...we're hoping the promised major storm and high winds keeps away until the 'plane has landed. Ryanair aeroplanes tend to be a little on the small side and get buffeted across the Irish sea.
And their shed is not only up but it's also fully lined with insulation and covered in hardboard which Teresa painted with a primer stank...just well she did it and not I, because I'd have simply stopped breathing . They've ordered a futon from Argos which will here next week all being well, so they'll be set for the next time they come over...I'm going to put the topcoats of paint on for them when the smell of primer has dissipated.
Reuben has promised that he'll line and hardboard my shed in May...he can cut straight lines but Himself tends to be a bit on the wobbly side when faced with a large sheet of wood and a saw...
Now we just need the caravan out of the way...odd how it looks a real eyesore now the shed is in place. All the lockers and cupboards are full of blankets and throws so I'll have to find a home for them indoors...heaven only knows where though.
Jamie is desperate to be able to sleep in it but they'll have to move it first and it's been in the same place for the past four years...methinks a can of WD40 will be essential to loosen everything before it goes anywhere!
We didn't take Alex and Jack to the Cave of the's been raining so hard for the past few days that I doubt the floor of the cave would be passable...Jack's face fell when we said we wouldn't be going...he was so looking forward to seeing the Flying Pigs with glowing red eyes. We'll take them in May...the ground may have dried out a bit then...
Time to batten down the hatches for the evening...the wind is getting up and it's almost dark...and it's raining.