I've begun to paint the woodwork in my shed...plain white, with the paint that dries really quickly and is said never to go yellow...it's making the inside seem much lighter. Because the windows are small and the lining in the roof is dark grey it was a bit gloomy...if I'd thought at the time...which I didn't ...I'd have asked Neil to put double sized windows in.
The little halogen heater emits plenty of warmth even with only one switch on...it'll be fine for when it's seriously cold, which the long term forecasters say it's going to be later on in the winter.
Himself has finished the electrical bits so now I have lights and plugs and sockets...all that remains is to put everything out in some order.
I did take half an hour on Ancestry and found a relative who was transported to Australia at the age of fifteen for stealing a hat. A hat for heaven's sakes...he was given a sentence of seven years but stayed on and applied for his freedom...he became a bush-man and was known as Wicked Billy because of his prowess with the semi-wild horses...then he married and had eleven children but continued to be slightly dodgy...getting himself into fights more often than not and coming out the winner.
Wonder if he'd have been the same had he not been transported? Or if he'd have settled down and become respectable...when I read about some of those convicts lives once they reached Australia, many became business men and owned factories and farms...some entered politics...others failed miserably and took to drink and crime or were bitten by poisonous snakes...and many died on the long journey so never really had a chance to redeem themselves.
Wicked Billy's father-in-law died on the ship bringing him and his family from Scotland...how awful that must have been for his wife...she had several little children with her and she can't have had much idea of what to expect once they reached an Australian port...they were travelling on an assisted passage scheme in 1834. Didn't know until today that they had assisted passages as far back as that...
Know about the ones in the late Sixties and early Seventies 'cos when I was married to my first husband we'd thought about going...there was no mention of poisonous creepy crawlies mind you...just how much money you could make!
I'd better go and cook some supper...and the mouses are back in the roof space...just thought I'd tell you 'cos I expect you're all really jealous that we hear them squeaking and charging about in their hob-nail boots...