Shopping this morning...boring but essential. But we went to the NCF and I bought two tins of cream spray paint to do the little sideboard for my new shed...I read somewhere on the internet about just putting a thin layer of paint on and then it looks ‘shabby chic’...which it does. I’m really pleased with the result. Two tins was far too much but no worries ‘cos I’ll use it on something else...if you look at the photos you’ll see the doors aren’t back on yet but it gives a rough idea of what it looks like.
And the supermarket had a stack of small halogen heaters for ten euro I know from Jenny that she loves her halogen heater and uses it a great I got one of those and it’s really good. It’s small mind you...but just the right size for the shed. And the light is bright and cheery. The heater lasts for 8,000 hours before it expires, which is quite a long time...well, it sounds like a long time.
Mary packed every single bit of my shopping for me...she waved another check-out lady over to finish doing the adding up and so on and she had my stuff in the trolley in a flash...and she packs it properly. Then there was another offer of three bags of coal for ten euro so I had those as well...the boys...there are quite a few who do the heavy lifting and that sort of thing...they charge about with sack barrows putting the bags of coal in the car boot for you.
And I overheard a customer asking where the instant potato was...didn’t think anyone ever ate that’s horrible.
When we’d had lunch we started again on moving stuff from the workroom to the shed...Himself has put some more shelves up and it’s gradually beginning to take shape...we’ll cover the walls with plywood next spring...ought to do it now really and certainly should have done it before putting the shelves up but no worries...the shelves can easily come down again.
There was a mouse in one of the traps in the old workroom...I hadn’t got around to taking it out and disposing of it when I saw Eilis go scuttling past with it in her mouth...she’s buried both mouse and trap least the poor mouse was actually dead this time.
And I have an appointment at the hospital next week but Doctor says I ought to cancel ‘cos my chest is still awful wheezy...don’t mind in the slightest cancelling...they’ll only mutter if I go in coughing and sneezing...then another appointment the following week to see ‘an expert ‘ about this genetic thingy to do with my lungs...bit late now I’d have thought ,seeing as how my lungs are shot to bits and probably horribly shrivelled up...shan’t be going to that appointment either ‘cos it’s the day Reuben and T fly in. The hospital appointments lady will not be happy with me...not one bit.
I’ve told Reuben and T about my shed...and told Neil he might well be asked to make one for them...which he will within a couple of days notice...don’t quite know what they’re doing about sheds and caravans at the moment. You should have seen Neil’s face when I said they’d be wanting to sleep in it...he was struggling not to laugh but he ducked his head down and you could see the corners of his mouth twitching...
It’s been a good day. The sun has shone all day long after a sharp frost first thing this morning...we’re making headway with the chest is a little bit better...there were no peculiar people in the shop to corner me by the frozen foods and there’s a casserole in the oven for supper...and I’ve found this seriously delicious paint in the NCF for outside’s lovely altogether...pale blues and soft greens and come the spring ,the shed will be painted in pretties... and it’s finally dawned on me that I can still put photos on via the desktop.
Isn’t life good!