The laptop is living on borrowed time...there I was, without a bother on me, scribbling away about sheds ,happy as feckin Larry, when the laptop simply stopped dead.
Oooo....too tired it said....have a nasty tummy-ache; need a bit of a I switched it all off. Except it wouldn’t switch stayed on. I yanked every feckin’ plug out muttering foul curses and still the stupid thing was all lit up like a Christmas I plugged the poor old desktop in and waited while it warmed itself up and grunted and groaned and yawned and stretched and the dear old soul is working away as best as it can...
It’s ten years old...bought as a package on special offer in a Tesco’s store...the printer died ages ago and the mouse popped it’s clogs soon they’ve been replaced, but other than the fact it’s awful slow and makes a noise like a jet engine coming in to land’s grand.
The laptop was expensive....state of the has all the bells and whistles and it’s been a total pig from day one. Though I do confess to having bought it from our shop in town and the lad who sold it to me was as gormless as could be...serves me right for shopping locally and not going to PC world, where at least the lads know what they’re talking about...or if they don’t, they ask someone who does, and they do tend to actually be awake while working.
And then there is the timber. My new shed is made from timber grown in Sweden...because it is better quality and it’s cheaper than home grown timber which tends towards huge knot holes every few inches.
So why can’t we grow decent timber from our forestry plantings and how can it possibly be less expensive to buy timber from another country...which is also far superior in quality.
Economics have me puzzled...half of Ireland is covered in managed forestry grown as a cash crop...the moment the trees are cut a new planting goes in ...and so on. Like growing wheat or barley really...we are heaving with wood. And it isn’t any good for anything much. Cheap fencing panels that fall apart after a couple of years...fencing stakes that aren’t even treated so either you have to do it or they rot in the ground...but that poor quality timber which is on our more expensive to buy than the Swedish timber.
I think it’s quite potty.