Now...there are some people...mentioning no names, but it's Gracie...who need a geography lesson.
The Republic of Ireland...that's where I not part of the United Kingdom or England or anywhere else...that is why we are called a Republic...we're not a Kingdom 'cos we don't have a King or a Queen...Queen Elizabeth is the Queenie in charge of her country across the Irish sea...she's nothing to do with us at all.
But...there is Northern Ireland. And that is the part of Ireland right at the top of the country...where there were bombs and street fighting and so on in the 70's and 80's. Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom still...they have the same laws and rules and such-like and they don't have the euro currency like we do 'cos they still have Sterling...'cos they are part of England. So, if you think of Scotland and Wales as being actually part of the same land mass as England...and think of Northern Ireland as a part which somehow came adrift and found itself tacked onto the Republic instead of being glued to the side of'll more or less get the idea.
The Republic of Ireland was ruled for about six hundred years by the British...they were, for the most part, unforgiving of our religion...our dancing...our language and our land. Prior to the British arriving ,Ireland was many other European countries by minor kings...often self-appointed...and usually Irish themselves.
By the beginning of the twentieth century...Ireland was able to gain her freedom and independence from British rule...but the North was divided. Some wanted the British to remain...many didn't. That is in a very small nutshell indeed because the ins and outs of the politics are beyond my scope and understanding.
The Republic has a small population...about four and a half million people. It fluctuates obviously, with foreign workers coming in and Irish people leaving but it remains at about that figure...
So...that is the difference between the North and the South...and the United Kingdom!