I went to the Doctors this morning 'cos that cold has 'gone to me chest'...I've been wheezing and coughing and decided better safe than sorry and little white pills were in order. Doc Martin kept stating the plainly obvious...telling me I was very wheezy and he didn't say 'breathe in ' because I think he realised it would be a waste of time...
So I came away with a 'script for little while pills and another one for enormous bright yellow ones and had a go on the nebuliser...which always tends to make me sleepy and I'm sure it isn't meant to do any such thing...
But listen...you'll never guess in a month of Sundays what Himself has said I can get...a shed of my own!
I know I have my workroom but...it's over-run with mice in spite of the copious use of traps...slugs get in and slime all over the floor...and the roof leaks, so the floor is dotted with buckets and bowls and so on... and it gets awful damp and the floor is seriously uneven. You remember I said there is a man in the village who makes sheds? We went to see him this afternoon and he can make and deliver an 8x10 with two windows by this Friday...my jaw hit the ground with a resounding thud when he said that.
Then I very tentatively said one would make a lovely workroom...and Himself said..'.then why don't you get one? That room you're using isn't really suitable after all'...if it were not for being so short of breath, I'd have jumped up and down!
It needs concrete blocks to stand and if we have it near the cottage I shan't get an accumulation of slimy things underneath 'cos all round the cottage is stoned with small rough stones that they don't much like.
So, I'm seriously excited...!