It's official...I really am going loopy and it's all down to the morphine induced coma the Doctors put me in when I went to hospital.
There was an article in the news today about it...the longer they put you out for, the more potty you are when you finally wake up...and I was out for five days...not much hope then!
What I have noticed in particular is feeling slightly disoriented...perhaps I could sort of channel that into something useful, though quite what escapes me.
So, it's been proved that induced comas are not all they're cracked up to be though in all honesty I've not have wanted to be awake with a feckin' great tube down my least I don't remember any of the nasty bits...
The suggestion is, that should you have a family member in an induced coma for medical reasons, that you keep in close contact with the Doctors and try to ensure they don't keep your relative out for any longer than necessary...the longer they are under the influence, the more risk of suffering some brain's a cheering thought!