The children descended en masse yesterday evening to invite us to come for a drink with Wendy and Jason and we said that would be lovely altogether...and it was. But much wine flowed and a few hundred yards isn't far to go home really...but when it's pitch black and late in the evening and Himself kept waving the torch about and I had the jitters about hearing a squelchy noise should I inadvertently step on a fat slug and I was ever so slightly...drunk.

And they have a parrot! A proper talking parrot who also does little dances on his perch and his name is Poppet...could be a she of course, though I suppose that only matters to the parrot...and he speaks just as clearly and as well as Mum's old African Grey.

So I've spent today wandering about aimlessly thinking of all the things I could be doing while suffering from indigestion and constantly burping...that'll teach me.

Once in bed I finished what must be one of the most badly written books only cost 99 cent on my Kindle and it's just as well it wasn't more money 'cos I'd have complained bitterly...the main character called everyone Babe...when describing the first time he made love to his girlfriend he said...and our juices intermingled...for heavens sakes. And practically everyone had been either disfigured in a fire or was a wheelchair after being shot...I guessed the murderer at the end of the first chapter and knew full well who his real Father was long before it dawned on rot and two hours of my life wasted...I did rush through it though.

But when I went onto Ancestry today I found an interesting story about a long-dead ancestor called Mabel...and she was seriously horrid. She made several attempts to poison her brother-in-law because she thought he'd deprived her of some land and property...and she took a castle from another man named Hugh Bunel...Hugh took his revenge when he gathered some of his men together and they found Mabel lying in bed in his castle after just having had a bath...and they decapitated her. Hugh then went on the run to escape certain justice, and ended up in Palestine where he spent the remainder of his years.

Mabel and her husband had ten children...he remarried after her gruesome murder to a woman described as ' the sweetest natured and Saintly woman of her time'...Mabel was murdered in 1079 and Hugh Bunel lived on for another twenty-two years in the Holy Land despite having a hefty bounty on his head.

And I found the Will of another relative who died in 1558...he left one shilling to each of his Grandchildren 'to buy gloves'...very expensive gloves I would imagine. And 'my small wooden chest filled with fine linen' went to his sister...wouldn't it be totally wonderful and incredible to find someone in the present day family had that 'small wooden chest''ll have been long lost I expect or broken up for firewood...

Himself has a shop-bought steak and kidney pie for his supper...have yet to decide on long as it's quick and involves the least effort...