The Church in Mediaeval times was hell-bent on making your life as miserable as possible...and that was before you suffered from the plagues and famines and the aftermath of endless battles...and one aspect of your life which contained a long list of rules and regulations was your sex life...

For a start there was the long list of the days when you were expected to abstain altogether...Sundays of course 'cos it was the Lords day...Thursdays and Fridays because you ought to have been preparing for Communion...during the entire period of Lent....around the Feast of the Pentecost which often lasted for sixty days...and before Christmas. Not just before Christmas but for the month leading up to the twenty-fifth.
And there were some Saints Days which were considered to be sex-free as well.

So it narrowed your choices down a bit.

Then there were the punishments meted out to anyone who strayed from perfectly ordinary sex in the missionary position between a male and female...experimenting with different positions was frowned wasn't supposed to be fun or pleasurable!

Whoever fornicates with another male or with an animal must fast for ten years...sodomites were recommended to fast for seven years at least...if he defiles himself (masturbates) he is to abstain from meat for four days...if he desires to fornicate with himself and is not able to do so, he is to fast for forty days...if he is a boy then he must be whipped.

Not quite sure why not reaching ejaculation should require fasting for forty days actually...

It's highly doubtful that you'd be held to account if you had sex on a 'forbidden day'...of if you decided to experiment a little with different positions, but the Church held sway over virtually every aspect of your life so maybe the scare factor was enough to put people off.

Kings and Queens had a slightly more difficult time when it came down to making love...there needed to be at least two witnesses in the same room at the time to ensure neither King or Queen was having it away with a mistress or a Knight...this rule really only applied when the unfortunate Queen hadn't yet produced a son. Once she'd managed that, the Royal couple were left to their own devices when they both tended towards sleeping with practically anyone they fancied as can be seen by the vast numbers of children born to the Kings mistresses.

There is a Mediaeval riddle which I liked and is much 'cleaner' than some of them which would have me knocked off ipernity pretty quickly. It's this...

A curiosity hangs by the thigh of a man, under its master's cloak. It is pierced through in the is stiff and hard and it has a good standing place. When the man pulls up his robe above his knee, he means to poke with the head of his hanging thing that familiar hole of matching length which he has often filled before.

And the answer to this riddle?...A Key!