It's awfully kind of you, but actually I don't want to see photographs of your wife in her knickers...and that shot you took of her bottom? If you don't mind my saying so her knickers don't fit that well do they...shouldn't they be a bit tighter rather than sort of baggy...?

And it's rather nice you seem to have so many friends who appreciate your photos of your wife in various stages of undress but it reminds me of a faintly 'dirty' magazine we used to pass round at did make us giggle, which probably isn't your intention at all.

Come and visit my page by all means...if you can can read I presume? Then you could even read a couple of my blogs to pass away the odd five minutes...if you wanted to of pressure or obligation.

But, if it's all the same to you, I didn't like your page much was a bit sort of grubby...don't mind photos of kittens and appealing small small doses. But ladies of a certain age displaying their nether regions in badly fitting French drawers just doesn't a thing for all.