Over my desk is a bookcase which reached to within a couple of inches of the ceiling...the top shelves were gruesome...dust and giant spiders mostly. So we've moved all the books...taken the top half of the bookshelf away...painted the remainder white...replaced the books with the surplus going into the bedroom where they have yet to find a home...and then Himself took the television aerial wire down 'cos it was right across the ceiling...don't ask why...I live here, and I don't know why...and then I chatted with Wendy for half an hour and promised I'd take her two little boys into the creepy tunnel which was greeted by whoops of delight...that'd be the souterainn in the stone fort...thought they might enjoy it...and I fed the cats and got the lunch together and nipped the dead pansy heads off and picked some ripe plums from the plum tree and hoovered the floors and swatted a few wasps and scolded Bobby for hurling himself at Wendy but going all ga-ga when the children stroked him...stupid dog...and I combed Millie 'cos her hair is falling out like no-ones business and I read a little bit of the Sunday Times and made the bed and found some interesting relations on Ancestry...and wrote a couple of blogs.

Someone once asked me if I found retirement boring.