One of the reasons I read the news on-line is to have an idea of what is going on in the world...many is the time when I rather wish I hadn't done so...but isn't it ostrich-like to pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist?
And following the general idea of keeping up to date and all that, I followed a link to the MTV Awards and watched a girl named Miley Cyrus on the stage...couldn't really say if she was singing or not 'cos she was shouty and I didn't understand any of the words of the song and she certainly couldn't dance, but all that aside I think she's popular with teenagers and I clearly remember my Father grumbling about the Beatles...
But...and it is a very big but indeed...she was scantily dressed, wearing a very high cut sort of swimming costume garment...and she repeatedly clutched her crotch.
Then she removed most of the swimming cossie and was in a bra and knickers...and I know full well it was a costume and not really a bra and knickers but that's what it looked like...and a bloke strolled onto the stage...he couldn't sing either...and she...this Miley person, kept touching his crotch with what looked like a puppets hand...wasn't sure what it was actually.
Just exactly what is this about?
And I'm a bit bemused.
Is she supposed to be a role model do you think, for thirteen-year old girls? Do they aspire to be just like Miley Cyrus?
I'm struggling to find what her 'fans' find attractive...she does have quite a pretty face though she was wearing masses of make-up...but she can't hold a tune...can't dance or move well and thinks it's fine and dandy to behave in front of a huge audience as though she was performing in a soft porn show.
If some mis-guided twelve or thirteen year old poses on her Facebook page emulating Miley Cyrus and is contacted by some devious pervert as a result...then in all honesty it would'nt be any wonder.