I've found a family member who was beheaded...and like Teresa's Gt etc Uncle who was beheaded on the grounds of treachery by Henry V111...so was Walthof Siwardsson, the Earl of Huntingdon, on the orders of William 1st or William the Conqueror.
Walthof was accused of treason and kept in a castle for a year before he was beheaded on 31st May 1076...he doesn't seem to have been awfully warlike...he spent his year of confinement in prayer apparently and began to build up what almost became a cult after his death. He was buried in some haste but dug up by his followers and reburied in Croyland Abbey...now much ruined...pilgrims began to visit his grave and declared he had performed miracles...in particular in returning the sight to the blind.
The Abbott of the Abbey...seeing an excellent opportunity to bring in much needed funds...encouraged the pilgrims to visit on payment of a small fee...eventually interest in Walthof faded or perhaps he didn't perform miracles anymore.
My head began to spin today because the names are Danish and French with a smattering of English and everyone seems to have garnered Lordships and Earldoms by the handful...especially the women who married into their Titles which were then bestowed onto their sons and daughters who were already titled in the first place...if you see what I mean.
The men were killed in battles I've never heard of and involved in complicated plots to oust someone or other and one woman...known as Black Agnes...held the rivals to her husbands lands and castle at bay for fourteen months...he was away somewhere involved in yet other battles.
Those very early relatives are buried in any number of different places...often, now ruined castles and abbies...some were buried in the grounds of Cambridge University and others in Picardie in France...
It must have been a period of turmoil and unrest...