The wine making equipment I ordered came today so I was all over excited and weighing out Blackcurrants and sugar as though my life depended upon it...then I found I was half a pound of sugar short...I can get some tomorrow when we go shopping, but that wasn't the point...I wanted to do it!

And you're supposed to wait for thirty-six months before you drink it...for heavens sakes. So I'm going to make some Raspberry least you only have to wait three months for that...not three feckin' years...

Sloe gin doesn't taste in the least bit like gin so I'm presuming neither will Raspberry gin...gin is a bit sort of oily and I can't bear the smell of it...there's half a bottle left from making Sloe Gin last year so I'll use that...Sloes are a bit scarce this year, probably because the cold knocked most of the blossoms off the bushes.

I've ordered the tall kitchen cupboard as well...that ought to be here in about ten days.

This morning was devoted to Hoovering up spiders in the bathroom...and all their little parcels of smaller spiders which they've eaten. When I pulled the unit away from the wall that is under the window and doesn't get moved often, about a hundred huge spiders ran for cover...there was a time when I'd catch each and every one and put them outside, now I just want to see the back of them so up the Hoover tube they go.

I came across a couple of funny news was a man who was arrested in a castle grounds in England after two women walking their dogs saw him having sex with a dog while wearing a frock...another was a bloke...also in England...who has apparently made it something of a habit to go to a farm close to where he lives, to masturbate in their muck heap...the farmer is losing his sense of humour about it...he's called the Police several times and they come along and arrest the chap and the minute he's released from a short prison sentence, he goes straight back to the farm and its muck heap and does it all over again.

Quite an ordinary sort of a day all told...