John Rodgers 1947 was born to a mother Bridie who was picked up off the Streets of Dublin as a two and a half year old child and charged with begging. Found guilty by the Court, it was ordered that she be confined to an Industrial School until her sixteenth birthday. Shortly after her release she was assaulted and fell pregnant. When her only son John Paschal was one year old he was forcibly removed from her breast and put into a Children's Home while his mother Bridie was put into, one of Ireland's infamous Magdalene Laundries in Galway City, as punishment for her sins. There she was incarcerated for 15 years until she escaped and fled to England. Meanwhile, John Paschal left his foster parents home at sixteen and went to England where for a long number of years he worked in Construction, though he always dreamt of being a writer. Fed up with his nomadic existence he sailed to Australia where he worked in the goldmines before taking up employment as a Tram Driver in Melbourne. Later he returned to England where he worked on the construction of the world's largest oilrig off the coast of Scotland. Desperate to achieve his life long dream he returned to his native Co Galway where he wrote and produced his first three act play 'Delusions of Grandeur' which toured the drama circuit. His second play 'Hospital Cases' was considered too risqué by his local dramatic society to get the full stage treatment, which almost put paid to his writing career. It was while working as a columnist for the Irish World newspaper in London that he was finally reunited with his mother Bridie after 34 years. Her incredible life story became the subject of his first book, 'For the Love of My Mother' which was an instant success. Self published in Ireland it was bought at the London Book Fair after a frantic bidding auction. Later it was translated and published abroad. His second book, 'Eggshells & Broken Dreams' followed. This book has been hailed as a work that should be compulsory reading in all Irish Secondary Schools as part of social