I went to the Doctors surgery this morning for a blood test to see if the thyroid pills are working...the radio was on tuned into one of the local stations and there was a discussion with an ardent Anti-Royalist over the new baby. He said that people in the Republic of Ireland wouldn't be in the slightest interested in a new member of the British Royal family being born...the man sitting next to me in the waiting room said he was talking through his bottom...but he was slightly more specific that that actually. The nurse...who was behind the counter grovelling about on the floor for something or other, popped her head up and said 'Such language Eammon!' though she was laughing, and someone else piped up that Kate and William could name the new baby Eammon...so, the ensuing conversation between the patients waiting patiently, proved that they at least were all interested in the new baby...names were flying about the room with most everyone agreeing that Charles is a pillock but the Queen is mighty for her age and then I missed the rest 'cos it was my turn.

We had rain today...not much mind you...just a quick smatter before the black clouds disappeared and the sun came out and it was boiling hot again. After seeing the nurse we went to buy a wedding present for one of Himself's grandsons who is getting married soon...he one of those that's done it the wrong way round as it were. Had two children and then decided to get married...but no matter. It doesn't seem two minutes since he was just a little boy frightened to go past our dog to get to the loo. And she was just a big softie but must have been alarming to him when he was only little.

We went to the shop with bullet holes in the stained glass right at the top near the ceiling...Brian has some lovely bits and bobs...beautiful pieces of local pottery and such-like. I bought a pretty mug covered with scarlet Poppies, as well as the present which is a photograph frame...and a very nice photograph frame though I say so myself. It'll probably cost more to send it than we paid for it.

When we came out of the shop with the bullet holes in the stained glass, there was a young woman with an enormous dog walking past. We've seen her in town before and I thought the dog was a Bull Mastiff, but wasn't sure so I asked her...and he is a Bull Mastiff and she said I could rub him 'cos he's very friendly and he slobbered all over my feet...and Himself stroked his huge head and we admired him and she said he's only eight months old and he's feckin' gigantic already and I bet his feet are as big as mine. She looked a bit offended when I asked did she keep him indoors...of course she said...he's a proper dote and I love him to bits. I was just wondering if he got up onto the settee...and thought about all that dribble over the newly washed floor...but I shut up and said goodbye to her and her huge dog and then we went to the chemists to get my prescription.

Or I did, while Himself stayed with Millie in the car and watched the people going past. While I was wandering about having a look at the goodies...they're having a 20% off sale but there wasn't anything I fancied apart from a very cheap bottle of usually expensive nail varnish...Lawrence was trying to find me with my packet of tablets and it isn't a big shop by any means and he caught up with me by the bath lotions, a bit red in the face and breathing hard...Ooo, I've found you at last Sue, he said, and I thought, not for the first time, that Lawrence can be a bit of an eejit. Mind you, he knows about herbals and such like...he's a whizz at that.

We went home after that and had lunch and then I found e-mails from Ancestry people so I answered those...one was from a woman who is connected to Himselfs family...her Granny was also Himself's Auntie. But she didn't know about all the babies born in the Workhouse and that slightly seedy side...or about the little boys who were taken in by another family. She did tell of a child who was sent away to Canada at the age of ten because her Mother died and her Father was the drunken village baker...she worked hard and saved up and managed to get enough money together for her boat fare back to Norfolk.

Another of the e-mails was from a man who is actually connected to the family who took in the little boys...so I've told him what I know so far and hope he has information to share as well. There was another e-mail but that was so short and to the point that I was puzzled actually and did wonder why the person bothered to send it 'cos I didn't have a clue what he was talking about...so I'm thinking about that one before I reply.

I haven't told T about her relative being beheaded yet...she's so taken up with Shaun's imminent wedding 'cos she's making and decorating the cake and Carla wants Gerberas on it, and I told T they'll die the minute they're picked, and she said she knows but Carla is insisting so she's going to put their stalks in straws to keep them more or less upright...they are such silly flowers...they keel over so quickly though they do look awful pretty. And to be honest, I'm not sure whether she'll realise the significance of having such an ancestor...history was never her strong point and she'll probably ask me who Henry V111 was...

Bobby chased a Hare this morning...all the way down the road as far as Will's cottage...he didn't have a hope in hell of catching it but it does mean his tablets must be working 'cos he was able for that and his legs weren't stiff when he came home...his tongue hung out for ages though and he panted fit to burst.

I'm away to boil eggs for an egg salad for supper mainly because I'm too idle to make anything else.