I'm simply eaten up with jealousy so I am...and I want to stamp my feet and bawl...'It's Not Fair!'...'cos another of Teresa's family tree branches has produced a chap who carried the third sword at Henry V111 coronation...he did. Huh...not that I have a clue whether carrying the third sword was in anyway hugely significant or not 'cos I haven't investigated further yet. And he was a Knight. Mind you he called one of his daughters Urith....and you'll never guess what one of his grandaughters was named...not in a million years. Frittisweed. That was her given name...poor Frittisweed was born in 1616 and when she married she named her numerous children William and David and so on...so calling your child something truly odd didn't run in the family.

Then I found a couple of siblings who had died in Angola...in the very early 1700's...and that just makes me want to bang my head against something hard...they'd actually expired in Suffolk. Probably from something foul...that made them break out in carbuncles...pity the dozy bat who happily put Angola down didn't break out in putrid spots.

It's the feckin' ignorance which gets to me...now, lets make perfectly plain and clear...I'm no scholar...what I know is mostly from what I've read...and some vague bits from conversations...I'm a glutton for gathering up information and dashing away to the bookcase or Google or the local library to find out more or to confirm something I suspect. But...if I'm unsure I keep quiet. But I'm not a total ignoramus. So when I see some bright eejit hasn't had the feckin' nounce to investigate further about people dying in Angola in the 1700's it simply drives me to total despair...are they not in the littlest tiny bit interested as to why they imagine their Aunties or whoever were there in the first place? Don't they want to know...do they just want to fill up the gaps as fast as they can and not bother about the finer details of whether it's true or not...

One of T's people was a Currier...I didn't know what a Currier was...so I looked it up. There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever to be plain ignorant in this day and age...a Currier was the specialist who dyed and treated the leather after the Tanner had finished his part in the process.

Himself has an Internet contact from Indonesia...he didn't know much about the place where she lives....so he looked it up. And now he knows she lives in a busy port city and the Dutch once ruled there...etc. Isn't is more enjoyable to know something more about where a person lives? Rather than just sending the odd comment here and there and being oblivious to a country or a place...

When you begin finding out about your family...whether it is a Granny who you were never able to meet or a 14 times Gt Grandfather who lived five hundred years before you were born...isn't it simply more pleasurable to get your facts straight. I'm pretty unconcerned when the very early dates are a bit iffy...whether your 16th Gt Grandfather was said to have been born in 1500 or 1520 doesn't much matter...but if I happily decided he'd died in deepest Africa simply because his place of death in Suffolk was vaguely similar to a place in Africa and I couldn't be arsed to investigate further...then I might just as well not bother at all.

I love finding out more and more about family history...sometimes it is a name which has me bewildered...sometimes the change from the inevitable Ag Labs of rural Suffolk and Norfolk to a Cordwainer or a Currier...and lately it has been the slow decline of a family who once owned huge houses of note and vast tracts of land and were close to the King of England...to the perfectly ordinary families who harvested cider apples and lived in a small Suffolk village. They were beholden to the Squire and lived in cottages tied to their work and became 'paupers' once too old and frail to work at their usual jobs...they are buried in simple graves in the churchyard...some are marked but most are not. A contrast then from those cold marble tombs with solemn effigies of their ancestors...lying within the churches themselves...coiffed and gowned with hands folded in mute supplication while their husbands lie beside them in suits of armour with a sword by their side.

Of course something else which makes me mad is that these high born people go all the way down to Teresa's Mother and Himself's first wife whose mothering skills make my Mother looking like Mother Teresa...!