Another photograph for you of a painting...but this one has an unhappy ending for two of the people featured.
The man on the far left is Sir Richard Empson...Speaker of the House of Commons...Learned Lawyer and Chancellor of Oxford University. The man in the middle is Henry V11 and the man on the right ...whose first name now escapes Dudley.

Sir Richard is or was Teresa's 16th Gt Grand Uncle...born in 1436 and died on the 17th August in 1510...we know the actual date of his death is correct because he was beheaded at Tower Hill, London on the orders of Henry was his friend Dudley.

During the reign of Henry V11, Empson and Dudley were responsible for ensuring heavy taxes were paid to the Crown...once Henry died and his son Henry V111 came to power, he wanted to ensure the people in his Court were going to be loyal and faithful to him on a trumped up charge of conspiracy he ordered the execution of Empson and Dudley. I suppose they were lucky to escape a charge of treason...had that been so, then they'd have been hung, drawn and quartered. But conspiracy warranted being beheaded, which was usually swift enough if the axe was sharp and the executioner knew what he was doing...
The two men had the doubtful distinction of being the first in a long line of people which Henry V111 sent to the gallows during his reign.