I wish people were nicer...just nicer. Not mean or cruel or thoughtless...I wish they showed true remorse after killing another person...not crocodile tears backed up by an expensive team of lawyers. I wish they were sad and wept in real distress...and didn't grin all over their faces when the not guilty verdict comes in.

And there was a Mother who left her baby in her car while she went to work...said she'd forgotten about it. The baby died from the heat...he was sixteen months old. What kind of vehicle did she drive that she was able to park and get out...gather up her handbag etc. and lock the doors and not catch even a brief glimpse of the child in the back? The baby was supposed to have gone to day care...she'd forgotten to take him.

A couple of fifteen year old girls are being held on a charge of manslaughter when a fireman died tackling a blaze in Manchester,England. Bored were they? Nothing much to do, so setting fire to a shop seemed like a good way to pass a Saturday evening...

And in another English town a man killed his puppy dog because it wasn't clean in the house...so he beat it with a baseball bat.

That isn't counting the two young soldiers who died on the hottest day of the year so far in Wales when they were on a training exercise...with a third lad severely ill in hospital. Didn't the Sergeant in charge see they were in distress? Did he think it would make proper soldiers out of them?

Where is the compassion for others...do the culprits ever stop to consider the knock-on effect their actions have on their victims home lives...on their friends and their families...those long echoes which will re-appear every single anniversary for many years to come?

Perhaps it is simply ignorance. Or plain stupidity. Maybe the neighbourhood vigilante was pissed off at getting thumped by a Black lad...perhaps the forgetful Mother was thinking about how to pay her rent and simply forgot her baby. Maybe the girls who are thought to have set a fire, come from one-parent families and are school truants. Could be the man who beat his puppy didn't realise they don't housetrain themselves. Perhaps the sergeant in charge of the training day thought those young lads were grand...and didn't have anyone around him to intervene instead.

When there is an in-depth report by a clever writer for a quality newspaper who pokes fun at the majority of the people anxiously waiting for Kate and Williams baby to be born...smirking in a tasteful way

at those who send little gifts and packages of teddy bears and babygros...then I think it a trifle unfair to mock. It might very well be a little daft...but the vast majority of the 'public' so desperately need an occasion...like a Royal birth...to lighten their days. We often appear to be completely surrounded by the cruel, the nasty and the plain murderous behaviour of others...