The news threw up another horrid item about a Staffordshire Bull was out for a walk with it's owner when it lunged at a Pomerian in a front garden and killed it...owner of Staffie said it wasn't her dogs fault. Which of course it wasn' was the idiot owners fault for not being able to hold the dog back and for taking it out for a walk ...without a fuckin' muzzle on!

Dog gets taken away by the Police and will probably be put down as being dangerous...Pom's owners are upset and their children traumatised by witnessing the whole incident... all because the Staffie owner didn't buy a muzzle and use it.

If you want to keep a big powerful dog which may be liable to eat dogs smaller than itself then you train it to within an inch of it's life...if your big powerful dog is liable to bite people then either it ought not be a pet or you train it to be totally obedient to your commands. If you can't be much bothered with all that training rubbish and have to hang on to the dogs lead because it's too big and too strong for you to control...then the very least you can do is put a muzzle on it when you walk round your housing estate filled with small children...old ladies, and very small dogs minding their own business in their own front gardens.

Every single time I read something like this I want to get hold of the owner and shake them until their feckin' teeth rattle...and take away their right to have another dog...ever.

We know a Staffie...he is one of those stupid dogs who keels over and waves his legs in the air if you speak to him...he is also extremely obedient and knows exactly who his boss is. His owner says 'sit' and the dog sits...he doesn't have a think about it first and decide to do the opposite. Owner is confident the dog will obey and the dog is comfortable knowing what the rules are.

We take Bobby to the beach sometimes where it is inevitable he'll meet small children and other dogs. He doesn't care for little children and he doesn't like small dogs he doesn't know. There are some adults he takes against as well,for no apparent reason. Do we let him run loose and cause havoc...we do not. He is on his lead and he wears his muzzle. The very fact he is wearing a muzzle gives out a message to vacant parents to keep their small shouty people well away...on his lead he can be controlled so he doesn't leap at some bloke because he doesn't like the look of him...he can't eat little dogs...he can't bite anyone...but he can enjoy his walk along the beach and a paddle in the sea. Bobby's problems stem from his previous owner and we took him when those bad habits were well -ingrained...or it could be that Bobby is just a grump when he's away from his own space...

I once watched an excellent short film of some lads from an American city being shown how to interact with their pit-bulls and Staffies...rather than simply using them as a symbol of what hard boys they were, the instructors were teaching them to make their dog a pet...and a friend. They were taught basics...proper feeding and vet care...and than how to play with their dogs...throwing a frisbee and teaching the dog to bring it back. How to teach the dog to sit and stay with a simple was lovely to see those teenagers who used to swagger about with a pit bull on a short chain become entranced at what their dogs could learn to do and the sheer pleasure they both...boy and his dog...had from learning how to play and have fun.

Britain and Ireland are afraid of wrong-doers...we tip-toe round them scared to death of somehow offending them by telling them they need to get a grip of themselves...penalities are laughable...and no-one seems to much care anymore. That Staffie owner needs to confront the pain her dog caused a family...she needs to be told. A fine isn't any use...she'll be given time to pay and if she's on the welfare it'll be but a tiny amount to pay each what to do with her.Send her to work in a rescue kennels for the next three out and scrubbing floors? Proper hours...not a token couple of hours when she feels like it.

It won't save her own dog from being put won't bring a tiny defenceless pet back to the children who loved it...everybody loses because she was too stupid and too careless and too cocky to train her dog properly.