Hello everybody...it's me, Millie. This is a photo of me in the water at our very bestest favourite seaside. We haven't been there for ages and ages.

Mummy says all those rocks have things called fossils in them...they are very,verry, old and are a sort of worm. I don't like worms. I like my best ball and that rubber bone that Mummy bought me as a treat...but I don't like worms.

I met a very rude dog when we went to the Farmers market place...she came right up to me and sniffed my bottom and I showed her my teeths...just a little tiny bit 'cos otherwise Daddy would be cross and he'd tell me to mind my manners and not be bold. Then there were two little dogs who kept on barking...I thought that was rude as well to bark when you are out and should be on your bestest behaviour.

There is a reely lovely stony wall when we cross over the bridge and my favourite thing to do is rub myself all the way along it...old ladies who are passing by think that is a funny thing to do and they want me to stop so they can pat my head and then they ask Daddy how old I am, and when he tells them, they say things like...'Oh my Heavens' and they are reely old ladies...much older than me.

Daddy took me round the park as well yesterday, but I have to be on my very best behaviour 'cos there are little children on the swings and I like little children and want to play with them but some just want to poke me in the eyes so Daddy keeps a tight hold on my lead. And Daddy says 'the parents need to control their kids' and I do agree with him 'cos I don't like being poked much.

Mummy went to the library place and got some books to read and then we met her after our walk in the park and we went home again. I like riding in the car and I'm ever so good. When we came home I told Eilis where we'd been and she was cross 'cos she's not allowed to go out in the car 'cos she eats the seatbelts and the electric wires. Daddy said awful rude words when the lights wouldn't work 'cos Eilis had eaten the wire bits. She has to stay at home now 'cos Mummy says she 'just won't learn'.

I've had my tea and it was lovely...we had some chicken all mixed in with pasta and dog food and I'm full to bursting.

With lots of love from your friend Millie.