Peoples attitudes towards Gay's...of either sex, has almost always left me gob-smacked. There was a, or a preacher, I can't remember which now...who thought one could pray the Gayness out of folk...I liked that, it was so bizarre. Then there are the bigots who declare anyone who is Gay is bound for Hell and Damnation which would be laughable if they didn't involve their children...

It would seem we always need a scapegoat...the Jews used to be the favourites at one time...and then the Hugenots were driven out of France and England...we went through a stage of condemming anyone who was Catholic...the pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower only went so they could convert everyone to their way of thinking...then it was Black people...especially West Indians, for reasons which totally escape me...though anyone with a black skin was a fair target. We hurl venom at immigrants who get free housing without stopping to think about the reasons they came to our country in the first try living in the midst of famine and civil war and having your family killed in appalling ways in front of much minded the Vietnamese boat people though.

But we reserve our particular dislike for anyone who is attracted to the same sex as though it is somehow a living in a two storey house or a one storey and having porridge for breakfast rather than toast and marmalade...footballers describe how they thought long and hard before 'coming out' actors pretend they are straight because 'the public' would'nt like them as much if they declared their sexual orientation...

Debates are carried out in the press about whether or not John Travolta and Tom Cruise are closet gays...afraid to come out because of what the public may say...

Is the problem over being Gay just sometimes the Gay persons doing? I mean...why do Gay people feel the need to declare that they fancy the people of their own sex...I don't introduce myself to anyone ever by declaring I'm hetrosexual...but I've met many Gays who begin by telling me they are Gay...what possible difference can that mean to's rather like introducing yourself and announcing you have red hair or buck As if I care one jot who you sleep with or who you lust after.

So when I come across reports in the press about people targeted because they are Gay or read about the latest well-known figure who finally confesses all and says he or she fancies the same sex I sigh heavily and think why don't these people get a feckin' grip of if we don't have enough going on in the world already to worry about. Why don't those so called religious people stop for one brief minute and have a real think about the Bible they are endlessly wasn't written in a week by some old bloke crouched over a candle in a tent. It was written in bits over centuries by people whose ideas altered and changed with the times they lived in...why are the Bible thumpers so bloody stupid that they can't or won't see the true history behind the Bible and it's rulings....why don't they have a bit of a sit down and really study what each chapter says and then have a good look at the history behind each and every one before they start spouting the Old Testament wiily-nilly without having the first idea of the history of how the Bible was written down over many centuries. Often by bigoted old scribes who'd never had sex with anyone...except a goat perhaps.

You see I'm furious when Max wrote that same sex marriage is now legal in California and spouses of those unions will get the same benefits as hetrosexual matters, of course it does, but it ought to be taken for granted...there ought not to be bills passed in counties or leglistation in the White should be a given that if you are in a stable relationship with a member of the same sex then you are entitled to the same benefits as everyone else without a lot of hoohah.

Gay people of either sex do not choose to be attracted to the members of the same sex as isn't a life style choice anymore than being a refugee from a war torn country where your family has been hacked to death with machetes in front of you don't choose is decided when you were in your mothers womb...and you can do precious little about that.

Sometimes I am speechless with rage...impotent to put across how I feel...we don't need scapegoats. We don't need to latch onto members of our society because they are different to us...we don't have to exclude some people because of their sexual preferences...we ought not to feel obliged when someone announces that Gays can have the same social benefits as straight people...oh wow...are we supposed to feel grateful? You were born Gay, I was born have long black hair without a trace of grey and I have bright red hair and sharp cheekbones.

It's about time we stopped and thought long and hard about our scapegoats and why we choose a section of society to blame for all our ills and what it is which drives us to do that.