There was a programme on television last night about Workhouses and I'd more or less earmarked it to watch until I read the blurb and it was 'celebrities' who had had ancestors in the Workhouse. So I didn't watch it.

I'm rather out of the world of the minor celebrity and usually haven't the faintest idea who they are or why they are apparently famous...some seem to be famous for showing vast expanses of heaving bosoms at every given opportunity and some veer towards being famous because they once appeared in a game show back in 1996. They all seem to have one thing in common though...they'll do virtually anything to stay firmly in the public eye whether it's falling out of a taxi at three in the morning while blind drunk or wailing because they've put a pound in weight on since birthing a baby.

Couldn't bear the thought of the crocodile tears while some z-list actress found out her Granny slept on a straw mattress so I did some cross-stitch instead.

It's been a lovely summers day so we've been outside doing our respective bits and pieces. Himself has put a small gate into the garden fence which will lead to the garden shed Teresa and Reuben are going to have. There is a gate already but this is a special one leading up to the shed's door...or it will lead to the door when the shed arrives. I dug the poor pansies up that were being eaten alive in the front garden and put them into a hanging pot which is now outside my workroom...and found a snail while I was moving them so tossed him over into next doors field. Serves him right if a bird eats him.

Then I found the self-hardening clay I had which has self-hardened while sitting on a shelf for the past five years or amount of squeezing and kneading made a blind bit of difference so I'll either get some soft Fimo or another lump of clay. That's to make small plaques for the babies. I think they ought to last if they are well varnished in outdoor varnish...and if not, then I can easily replace any that break or get spoiled in the weather.

My hour on Ancestry produced the death cert of a relative who died in 1842 from 'a gathering in the head'...another who died in 1850 from Typhus and a poor lady of 68 years who died in 1837 after 'loss of blood caused by a disturbance of her mind' other words she'd cut her own throat.

Much of the information for this branch of the family is coming from another tree with the same connections as mine, whose tree owner on Ancestry has done an enormous amount of detective work in finding out all manner of information. For any of you unfamiliar with the way Ancestry works, you can take information and photographs from anyones tree providing they've set it to Public. Though you need to ensure the info they have is correct...sometimes it isn't, as in all those people who were born or died in America when they never set foot out of their own county in England.

Another ancestor had two sets of twins in succession and they all survived to adulthood which I thought surprising bearing in mind their Father was an ag.lab and can't have had much in the way of income. Then their Mother went on to have many more children after them...there are times when my mind simply boggles.

So, it's been a quiet sort of a day all told.