You'll probably think me daft altogether but I'd like to 'do' some kind of memorial to all the babies I've found on my family tree who died very young...often when they were just a few days old and there are so many who died before reaching their first birthdays...I know it was commonplace to lose children to any number of diseases but there are so many of them. One family lost four babies one after the other...and many more lost two or three.

Have you any idea how I can go about own thoughts have been around a statue of a cherub perhaps...a tasteful one...none of those little boys peeing into a fountain or a pond...and pale pink or apricot roses. The roses on a trellis perhaps...I can do their names and dates but how to display those and would it simply be too much bearing in mind that going back to the 16th c from more or less the 1900's there must be in excess of a hundred babies and little children...

Do you have any ideas or thoughts...would it be better not to name them...I'd not want to leave a baby out you see.

Another idea I had was to hang their individual names on clay plaques from a tree...if I chose a long life tree in our garden...rather along the lines of the Hawthorns that are considered to be magical, that people tie bits of rag and ribbon to.

It'll have to be relatively easy to accomplish and as inexpensive as possible.

All ideas will be welcome.