I wish ipernity had a spellcheck 'cos my spelling isn't up to much and I have to keep ploughing through the dictionery to find words I really ought to know how to spell but escape me at the last minute...

And I wish our Broadband didn't keep playing silly buggars and come to a grinding halt when it's tired or bored...especially when I'm engrossed in something or other...

And I wish Millie wasn't getting to be an old dog...we didn't want her you know...when Luke asked would we take her 'cos it cost too much for her to go to Sweden with them we grumbled and complained and took her on very relucantly but now she's winding down and sleeps a lot and isn't so keen to play as she was and we do love her to bits and take her everywhere with us and we'll be awful sad when she goes to sleep forever...she is fifteen years old so I suppose her bones and her spirit are getting tired.

And I do so wish that the butter wouldn't run out all over the place when I make Chicken Kiev...

And I wish that the Blackbirds wouldn't eat every single Blackcurrant before I have the chance to pick them...and the Redcurrants.

And I wish I could eat garlic without it making me burp all evening.

And I wish it wasn't always me who cleans the bath and picks up the wet towels.

And I do wish my skin wasn't so itchy all the time and I wish I didn't have scaly bits that no amount of sloshing on cream shifts.

And I wish that biting flying creatures didn't bite me and leave me even more itchy.

And I'd like wasps to stay outside so I don't feel compelled to squash them against the window...they leave a nasty mess behind.

And I'd really like long, perfectly shaped nails, instead of having raggy cuticles and smudged nail polish and little rough bits that keep catching.

And I'd rather the dogs didn't bring ticks home, clinging onto their ears all sort of bloated and ready to drop off onto the floor to get squashed when I tread on them.

And I do so wish that I hadn't left my embroidery threads out in the window where the sun has faded them...in places.

And I'd quite like the slugs to leave the pansies alone...chewing their pretty little faces and leaving them covered in slime.

And I'd like the rats to find somewhere else to charge about all night in the winter..instead of living in our roof space.

And I rather wish my cats didn't sort of shrink two sizes when they lost their thick winter coats.

And I often wish that there was something decent to watch on television of an evening.

Apart from all the above, I'm grand and there's not a bother on me.