Well, it's been a totally foul day weatherwise...wet, high blustery winds and generally nasty. No sooner had one heavy shower passed than another arrived to take its place...and its been cold. Himself lit the range first thing this morning and I've kept the backdoor shut most of the day...

And I've been bitten by something horrible on the side of my face...not content with one bite, whatever it was did it twice...just to make sure I noticed. I've had an itchy day anyway so I suppose a couple of bites don't make much difference to having a general all-over itchyness.

Because the weather gave me the sulks, I sorted some more embroidery threads out and swore a great deal when they were all tangled up in knots...I'm too mean to just throw the knotted bits away and spent ages painstakingly undoing every length. And cutting little cardboard bobbins out to wind the thread onto...the dogs biscuit boxes are ideal for things like that.

Then I did some more on Ancestry...mostly ag.labs today though apart from one chap who was a tailor and waterproofer in 1911...some of his stock would have been handy today. And I did find some more of Himselfs people...a family of nine who, but for one, all lived until well into their nineties. And a photo of one of them who was sitting outside her cottage door with her broom upside down next to the door. So I showed Himself and he sort of grunted...not being terribly interested in his family 'cos most ended up in the Workhouse...but the broom reminded him of the old country custom of if a woman left her broom outside her door upside down it meant she was married...if she put it the other way up then she was available. Then he remembered that awful Lulu song, which I hope he doesn't find on YouTube...about 'jumping the broomstick' can't recall the title though.

Jumping the broomstick was traditional at Druidic and Pagan weddings at one time and I think is making a comeback as part of the usual wedding ceremony...but it originated far away among some African tribal people who held hands and jumped over a broomstick lying on the ground to signify they were married...

And you ought not to sweep after the sun has set because otherwise you'll sweep away happiness and might also run the risk of sweeping away a wandering soul.

Another totally useless snippet of information is that a Lord Mansfield, speaking in the House of Lords towards the end of the 1700's, declared that there was no law in the land which prohibited flying...so if witches chose to fly about at night it was entirely their choice and had nothing to do with anyone else. Reports of people seeing witches flying about dropped dramatically after his speech became public knowledge.

You'll already know that witches danced about with a long stick between their legs during their rituals...and the sticks had been coated with hallucinogenics...probably 'magic mushrooms' although they were skilled at the use of varying herbals and there may have been others they smeared on the stick to produce the sensation of flying.

I daresay that under torture the witches would have admitted to practically anything, including the ability to fly about on their broomsticks.

It's finally stopped raining...and the sun's come out...