While we're on the subject of eating odd or simply plain revolting food, I'm boiling up a lump of dead pig for Himselfs supper...though I totally forgot to get a cabbage so he'll have to have peas with it instead. I'm certain a piece of boiling bacon didn't go a rather ominous shade of pinky grey years ago...but when I read the label...and I'm very enthusiastic about reading labels...it has nitrates in it and loads of various forms of different sodium. And that isn't counting the routine anti-biotictics( sorry about spelling) that the pigs are injected with throughout their short miserable lives.

My Grandad used to have a ham hanging up in the kitchen that came from a pig he'd reared himself on scraps of all manner of stuff from the house and garden and had never had an injection in its life...and it lived outside rooting about and would come rushing up to say hello and have its back rubbed. The meat was smoked over the fire...it hung just inside the chimney...and Granny cut lumps off it whenever she needed some for a meal. The sausages lasted for ages and ages...they hung in the chimney as well.

The biggest problem for us is the cost. There is a stall on the farmers market which sells proper meat...humanely reared and killed and fed on organic feed. They have beef and pork...and lamb and chicken. It even smells quite differently to the meat in a butchers shop...in other words I can stand close to the display and read the price list without heaving and gagging. But it is very expensive and only the more well-heeled people can afford to buy their meat there.

It has always seemed quite bizarre to me that anyone who is truly concerned for animal welfare and who is aware of the chemical additives in modern food are the very people who simply can't afford to buy them. I do have a horrible suspision that most of the meat stall customers buy their organic meat every week because they tend to think it is the thing to do rather than for any true concern about how and where it's been reared.

After I'd stopped being rather rude over the meat stall customers we went to the library and Himself discovered it had been back in 2007 when he last used his library card...we can take out ten books each which seems excessive even to an avid reader like myself...Himself found a couple he wanted to read and I loaded myself up with Tess Geritsen and others like her and then when I arrived home discovered I'd already read the one by Tami Hoag. I suppose it would be sensible to keep a list of those read and unread but I never think of it at the time and sometimes they are published under a different title which confuses me even more.

I sorted out some tangled embroidery threads this afternoon and looked a few more people up on Ancestry...found a 'Flatman' and Google didn't know what that was...but I eventually discovered he would have worked on a Flat boat on a canal transporting goods from one place to another...another relative and his wife were schoolteachers in 1841...long before the Education Act came into being...I suppose they would have had a private school and I very much doubt they'd have been trained. That bears further investigation.

The boiled pig lump is cooked...as far as I know...I stuck a thin knife into it and it didn't spout blood everywhere so I expect it's done...I know it wouldn't really spout blood...was just being silly.