I thought I'd be indulgent and tell you how I'm progressing since my spell in hospital and the answer is...fine so far. I even walked up a fairly steep slope without having to stop halfway to catch my breath...no longer need to have a sleep in the afternoons and I can stay up until ten in the evening without wailing that I'm soo tired and need to go to bed now this minute.

I suspect that is the result of taking the thyroid meds actually but I don't much care what it is...just pleased that I'm no longer going to bed while the sun is still shining.

And that six small meals a day is no longer neccessary...well, I do still eat loads of yoghurts between meals but now I'm back to three meals a day and am no longer endlessly hungry and feeling faint.

No more nightmares either...my meds weren't changed actually while I was in hospital so goodness knows why I just have vivid dreams but not those really frightening night terrors...perhaps that's due to the hefty doses of morphine...probably affected my brain!

But...and it's a really big but...smoking. Now I didn't smoke once while in the hospital...and didn't have a single twinge or feeling that I wanted a ciggie. I'd asked Himself to get rid of all my baccy and papers etc before I came home and he didn't. So what did I do? I had 'just one ciggie' and then it steamrollered into two and three and one after meals and another while on the computor and now I'm virtually back to the way I was before and I'm feckin' furious with myself for giving in so easily. And I have countless packets of prescribed patches and they make no difference to the cravings whatsoever and make my skin itch like mad and I'm going to have to get a grip and start all over again...

So apart from feeling guilty every time I light up, I feel grand. Apart from finding it difficult to concentrate and forgetting the most simple stuff but that could be down to old age rather than anything more sinister...or I could blame it on the morphine again...I blame everything on that, so one more blame won't make much difference.