Hello...this is Millie again and that's me in the photo.

I had a luverly morning 'cos we went to the market place where peoples sell bread and cakes and veggetables and a lady called me a 'fat little boy' and I thought that was quite rude actually and Mummy said I'm not fat actually, just a bit plump but she didn't tell the lady I'm a girl dog and not a boy dog...anyway I jumped up and put my paws on her skirt and I 'm not allowed to do that reely but I did it anyway.

And then after we'd looked at all the stuff to buy, Daddy took me to the park place where you are allowed to run about if you want to and that was nice and we met another lady who liked me...she said I was sweet. I don't know wot that means reely but she smiled when she said it and bent down to pat me on my head. I didn't jump up at her.

After we'd walked round the park we went back to meet Mummy at the car...she'd gone into the big libary 'cos she says the one in town is feckin' useless and then we came home and I was very thirsty and had a long drink of water.

It has been ever so hot this afternoon so I had a game chasing my ball and then had a long sleep. It'll be teatime soon...goody.