Why do people do it...I recieve invitations from people who have never read a single blog I've ever written nor have ever made a comment...I could be a mad axe murderer for all they know.

And they are overly...in-your-face religious...quoting huge chunks of the Bible here there and everywhere...and they have god-awful music playing on their page when you sneak in sideways to see what they are like...back pressed against the wall in case they jump out and thrust a verse from some long dead saint down your unwilling throat.

I don't care if you worship the man in the moon...truly I don't...but if you do happen to do so please,please don't try to convert me to worship him as well...

You see...I'm perfectly happy the way I am...I have no wish to to read Matthew One verse two...and I don't suppose for one minute you would want me to shove Beltaine down your unwillingly gullet...not if you were honest. So, I don't.

I respect your beliefs...if you believe and it makes your life better or happier then that's grand so it is...and I have friends who have a strong belief...but the difference lies in the fact that most of the time you honestly wouldn't know...just like most of the time you wouldn't know I'm a heathen...

And please do tell me why you'd like me to be your friend...you've neither read nor ever made a comment on any blog I have ever written...so what criteria are you using to add me to your list? It can't be because you think I'm sometimes vaguely amusing...or that you too are passionate about trawling round ancient graveyards...or you've traced your family back to the prehistoric period and want to boast...do you like patchwork and making stuff? Do you wallow in bliss when I put an operatic aria on my page? Or leave a link to Bob Dylan in his heyday?

I'm a bit picky you see...about who I have as a friend on this social networking thing...my criteria is that if you appear to be a person I'd like to spend time with in the real world...if I could sit at my table in my leaky little cottage and feed you with soda bread and show you where the wild orchids grow and introduce you to the donkeys and take a walk down the old bog road on a soft afternoon while you told me stories about your life and we found the wild raspberries to eat and watched as swans glided past on the river and came home to the scent of the turf fires and had true pleasure in each others company...then I will accept your offer of friendship.

But you sort of pick me out of a list and think she'll do to boost my friends list, then I'll dig my heels in and refuse you politely.