I've been tempted to write something controversial but thought better of it...I'll stay with the bland and boring instead, can't find myself in any trouble that way.

Nearly finished the floor in my workroom...I painted it earlier on in the vain hope that spending time in the fresh air afterwards would prevent my lungs from simply giving up altogether...it didn't help much. I've been gasping like a fish out of water for the rest of the day,but at least it's finished now and looks so much better I'm glad I made the effort.

And Ancestry is sorted out as well...I sent a plaintive e-mail to the powers that be and they replied with a long...very long...list of suggestions most of which had me totally befuddled...there is supposed to be a spanner in the corner of the screen and there isn't, so that didn't help to begin with. It had something or other to do with cookies...I think...whatever I clicked on to seemed to work, though I'd be hard pressed to explain what it was I did to fix it...

But it was slightly dull because I found myself stuck on endless ag.labs....I daresay they'd be insulted if I called them boring because I don't suppose they were for one minute...shouldn't think they had the time to be boring. The problem with the ag labs is that they didn't automatically have their babies christened...you'd think they would have done living in small villages with the Vicar only a stones throw away...and very few left a Will...and sometimes even their deaths happened without a written record being kept.

So, they were simply ag labs and finding out anything further about them is a nightmare.

I'm juggling between different trees,so when I get tired of one I swop over and do some on another. There's Himselfs tree which is plain dismal...what with his Grandpa being struck by lightening and his Granny born in a Workhouse and an Aunt described as 'an imbecile from birth' and then I found a Nun who apparently married a Vicar..and.all the young men were blown to bits in the trenches of the First World War...it was doom and gloom in Suffolk a hundred years ago.

On my tree I'm poking about in a branch during the early 1700's where most wives died before they were thirty and the husbands re-married and then re-married again and kept naming all their children by different wives with the same names...if I see another William I shall probably have a temper tantrum. But I did find a very unusual name indeed...Boetius...he was lurking among the Mary Ann's and the Williams...most of the Williams...provided they lived for long enough...were small farmers with a smattering of Yeomen just to keep it interesting...and there was a pork butcher.

I've begun to tentatively write out some of the background to the people who stand out for whatever reason...usually because of their occupations which makes writing out their history so much easier...quite why I'm bothering I'm not certain...the children aren't interested...I just get raised eyebrows and stifled yawns. There is one daughter-in-law who is slightly more interested than everyone else but she'd rather the info was on a disc that she could just feed into her laptop.

Perhaps I'll put it all down on paper and leave it to Des...hes interested 'cos trying to get back further than the mid 1800's in Ireland is a feckin nightmare.

We have the back door open and there is a blackbird singing his heart out...he's high up in the old apple tree...beautiful just.