It is me...Millie. Mummy says I have to write a blog 'cos I haven't writ nothing for ages and actually that is her fault 'cos she won't let me use her new putor but now she says I have to write sumethink otherwise you'll forget all about me...I haven't got much to say actually...I found my very old chewed up ball in the ditch though and was ever so pleased even if it was reely dirty. Mummy soaked it in some stinky stuff cos she said I could get germs in my mouth and then my breath would smell horrid like Lilys breath does...Lilys breath makes Mummy make gagging noises but I think she's just being silly when she does that actually but Lily can't have her teeths cleaned cos she'd bite cos she is a bit of a grump.
That old dog Dinky has gone over the Rainbow Bridge you know...she had gone really loopy and couldn't eat her tea or anythink so Daddy took her to a lady and Mummy and Daddy were a bit sad actually but now I can go to sleep in her basket cos Mummy washed it out and put a new pillow in it and so it doesn't smell like poor Dinky anymore but I like to sleep in the rocking chair better than in the basket.
We all had a lovely tea tonight because there was some garlicky tomato sauce left over from Mummys supper last night and she mixed it all up with cold porridge and dead cow and some was very yummy and I ate all mine up and licked my dish over and over.
Daddy went and got those horrid donkeys who kick me and I went as well but I stayed in the road in case they got me...Jack is horrible to me as well he is worser than Christy and Henry actually cos he tries to bite me and then Daddy says very bad words and Mummy shouts and says why do you leave the feckin dog out you eejit...or it sounds something like that anyway...Mummy says Jack is 'following his instincts' but I don't know what she's talking about when she says that so I just hide under the outside table and then he can't get me.
Those whizzy birds are back...I don't know where they go but now they are back and they poo when they are flying and last time they were here they pooed on Eli and I laughed and thought it was reely funny when he had poo on his head...Mummy didn't think it was funny though she wiped the poo off with a tissue and said never mind to Eli..I'd better stop now cos Mummy says it's all very well me wriitng but I'm a bit on the podgy side to be sitting on her lap all this time and shes breaking out in a bit of a sweat .I hope you all are well.
Love from your friend Millie xx