September 8, 1763 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #31587
New London, in Chester County, August 30, 1763.
RUN away, about two Weeks ago, an ill natured, scolding,
cursing, swearing, thieving servant Woman (who has been with 5
or 6 Masters, and in several Prisons and Workhouses within two
Years, in Bucks County, New Castle, and this County) named
Eleanor Ferrel, about 35 Years of Age, low of Stature, black
haired, thin Visage, and talks with the Brogue: had on and
took with her, a coarse Calicoe Gown, with dark coloured
Cuffs, a spotted Calicoe Bed gown, a white Petticoat, with a
Calicoe border, a striped Linsey ditto [snip]

It's a wonder they wanted her back...I'd have let her go with a sigh of relief if she really was as bad as all that...!
You can get a good idea of the clothing people wore...or at least the clothing the servants wore unless they'd stolen whatever they took with them, from the advertisements for runaway slaves and servants in the local papers...especially from Pennsylvania.
It's hammered down with rain all day long and there's been a brisk everything is sopping wet. The cowl thing blew off the chimney for my little stove in my workroom so the stove was full of water and so was the surrounding floor...I just laid old newspapers down to sop up some of the mess.
Isn't it odd that no matter how carefully you might read a newspaper when you first have it, the minute you get it out again for some reason...mopping up water and such'll immediately see a really interesting article that you missed the first time round. I spent ages on my hands and knees reading about an all-in holiday in Finland...they provided the suitable clothing and you could go reindeer herding and then there was an overnight trip on sleighs to what was described as 'a seriously remote mountain cabin'.
Did I ever tell you about two friends who went to the far north of Norway for six months in the depths of the winter...they took a Motor-home...and their dog. One night there were wolves all around the 'van and Molly, the dog, was desperate to get out and have a look at them...the more she howled, the more the wolves howled. I wouldn't have liked that much...think I'd have wanted to go home actually. Or I'd have needed to pee.
I had another root about in the potting shed and unearthed two more enamel is a bath with holes in the bottom where the rust worm has been nibbling and the other is a big round bowl...also very rusty. But with the rust sanded off and a couple of coats of paint they'll be grand for putting flowers in for the summer...providing I can put them up high enough so the dogs don't wee on them...I've tried standing pots around the back door but it's hopeless...Eilis and Lily just sit in them squashing the flowers and the male dogs cock their legs every-time they walk past them.
Himself bought a small tin of white gloss paint for me the other day so as I could finish off the bits and pieces which needed dries really quickly and you can wash your brush out in water but the smell is awful and makes me feel a bit sick and queasy...says Low Odour on the tin though. So I put one coat on the sanded down bath and then beat a hasty retreat...the smell does dissipate after a while so it'll be gone by tomorrow.
You'll have noticed I've not mentioned sewing for might not have noticed of's because I still haven't chosen the fabric yet and if that isn't sad I don't know what is. I ran out of fabric for the log cabin quilt and couldn't get anymore the same so that'll have to be a lap quilt...I'd planned on a full size bed quilt originally but now I'm thinking a throw for the new settee would be a much better idea...still haven't ordered it...still dithering.
It's a bit childish, but part of the reason I haven't ordered a settee from IKEA is that they take up to six weeks to be delivered...and when I decide I want something...I want it would be grand, tomorrow would do at a push. So, I'm still dithering because a part of me has decided that a new settee will sort of appear without me needing to wait for ages...whereas sense pokes its nose in and tells me if I'd ordered it last week it'd only be five weeks to delivery now...
I've just finished an excellent book on's called A Misremembered Man and it's by Christina McKenna. There are parts which brought tears to my eyes when the title character is recalling his time spent in an Irish orphanage...but the rest is gently amusing and it ends beautifully. It's well worth the reading.
The same Christina McKenna co-wrote a book I have on my shelf which must be one of the most frightening books I've ever read...true stories of people who have had to resort to asking a priest to come and exorcise their homes. Did you know every Catholic parish has one priest who is specially trained to carry out exorcisms? You have to have good cause...he wouldn't come out if you had a friendly poltergeist for instance. But that particular book gave me the heebie-jeebies even when ghosts and spirits don't alarm me in the very slightest. If you want to scare yourself silly it's called The Dark Sacrament...and it's modern day exorcisms...not those of the dim and distant past.
Eli has begun his funny sea lion sort of bark...he must have a rumbly tummy so I'd best go and feed those with not many teeth before there is a riot.