Am I the only one who thinks that the singing and dancing which has gone on since Margaret Thatcher's death is somewhat...unseemly?
Whatever she was like as Prime Minister hardly counts now surely...she was simply an elderly woman in poor health and it sounds as though her death came as a bit of a blessing.
And millions are being spent on an almost State funeral when she expressly said she didn't want a huge fuss made and now the guest list is being drawn up...which includes the inevitable bods from show business.
Isn't it all a bit in bad taste...slightly yucky...there are much better words than 'yucky' but none I can readily think of at the moment.
I suppose the fact that people can sing and dance in the street without fear of being gathered up and sent off to a labour camp in Outer Somewhere is a advantage...and at least there won't be weeping rent-a-crowds the way there is at some of the despot leaders funerals.
They make me feel extremely uneasy indeed when you see vast crowds of people weeping and wailing under huge placards of the dead leader...
But I also wonder...not often, but the average Joe who is in and out of prison for minor offences and lives on Social Security handouts and fathers children from here to next week would cope should they have to spend time in a North Korean labour camp. Or a Russian Gulag...or a Chinese labour camp.
Just a short sentence of a month for instance...spending the entire day working in the fields with an occasional half starved oxen to help with the heavier loads of the sparse crops and then eat a bowl of dirty rice before listening to propaganda broadcasts before trying to sleep in a filthy shed alongside a hundred other labourers. Before being woken at the crack of dawn to do it all over again...
Same with those people who were dancing in the street when Thatcher's death was announced...I wonder if those gobshites realise how incredibly lucky they are to have the freedom to behave as they choose to show their pleasure in an old woman's death.