Today has been drop dead gorgeous...brilliant blue skies without a cloud in sight and the sun was actually warm...wind is still nippy mind you, but at least the heavy grey cloud cover had moved somewhere else instead of hovering over our neck of the woods...

We went into Roscommon town today because my most favourite trousers have finally given up the ghost and can be worn no more. The fabric is patching is not an answer. Heaton's, which is a cheap and cheerful store, has a 10% discount on Tuesdays for old people...the chap serving did make me smile though 'cos it says on the notice you have to have photo ID. Himself had his driving licence ready and the assistant told him not to bother next time 'cos ' know...we just know who is entitled' other words if you look ancient you'll get your 10% discount.

I bought a couple of pairs of loose linen trousers...with pockets...and a pair of very brightly coloured floral ones as well...also with pockets. Have to have a pocket for my inhaler you see...

There was a chap standing outside the newsagents collecting for the Family particular for people recovering from addiction...and I thought, not for the first time, that the treatment, counselling, whatever, really ought to come out of the coffers of the Health Service instead of relying on street collections and coffee mornings and so on.

Everyone was happy and smiley's amazing what some sunshine will do to cheer people up.

We had nothing much else to get so drove home past fields of sheep with their lambs...most of them laid out flat on the grass soaking up the sun.

On arriving home the little dogs went out of the front door for a pee and then a cyclist came along...wheels going round are just there for dogs to chase of course...Lily set off in hot pursuit with the poor boy's legs pumping away to try and escape her while I stood in the road and screeched vile obscenities at her...she gave up because he biked faster than she can run...quite what she'd have done if she'd caught him I haven't the faintest idea...the thrill is more in the chase than the capture.

If the sun comes out tomorrow I shall be forced into dusting unfortunately...a light sprinkling is acceptable...a thick grey layer isn't. The sun shows up the heaps of dog hair which migrate to the corners of the room until they take on a life of their own and begin to breed silently overnight so maybe I'll have to get the vacuum out too.

But it is a small price to pay for a bright sunny day.