When the Happy Pills Don't Work or in the Slough of Despond

I know the reason why of course...though it doesn't make it any easier and neither does it help one jot to know other people are faring worse...being down in the dumps is 'all about me' isn't it...you can't make yourself feel any better or more cheerful by thinking how lucky you are to have a roof over your head and food on the table...it simply doesn't work that way.

Some of it is the weather...I know...others are having far worse weather than we are and I ought to get a grip and pull myself together and remember it's almost April and the sun did come out the other day and I daresay it'll do so again but isn't that the problem with depression...it isn't logical and it doesn't follow a set path.

It swoops down and sits on your shoulder whispering in your ear and pulling at your hair until you begin to feel there will never be an end to it...

The happy pills do help take the edge off as it were, but they aren't a magic solution, it isn't a case of swallowing a couple and feeling bright and breezy after half an hour or so...everyone would want to be taking them if that were the case.

And I find myself drawn towards horrible newspaper reports that I'd normally avoid like the plague, or if I did read them then I'd be logical and sometimes even scathing in my response. But while I feel this way I simply find them desperately sad...

Something else I do is write downright miserable blogs about topics I suppose we need to be aware of but aren't exactly cheering to the spirit so not only am I feeling a misery but I'm ensuring those of you who read such blogs are made miserable as well...

And I avoid people...can't be bothered to chat to anyone and if I happen to see a person I know when I'm out I'll dodge out of sight rather than have to make pleasant small talk...and heaven forbid they catch me unawares and tell me they've had a pain in their big toe for the last month and would I happen to know what it is...at times like these I'm perfectly capable of telling them .

It has to go away on its own...the depression does...no point to telling anyone to snap out of it or even worse...'cheer up!'

Now, my depression comes every so often and I can ride through it until it goes away again...but I cope after years of being so afflicted. If you are depressed it might well be a different scenario altogether and you might be suffering in silence as it were. Don't. Do something about it...and the first step is your Doctor. I know many of you prefer to go down the herbal path and that's grand if it works for you...just be aware that St John's Wort, which is the obvious herbal choice for depressives, doesn't mix well with other medication...make sure you ask for advice before you take it.

Pinched the above from the dreaded Facebook...thought it funny.