Filled a few more gaps and holes in...found some ancient net curtain I'd bought ages ago at the car boot and hung it up to try to stop the sun from fading everything in my workroom...swore at the new laptop...several times actually...cursed again when it took ages to download something I can't use 'cos I haven't the right kind of e-reader...wondered where exactly am I going to sow the Sweet Joe Pye Weed...cursed again when Word underlines Googled as though it's never heard of feckin' Google in its entire life...wished I could think of something terribly interesting for supper, mopped up Stinky Dinky's pee 'cos she couldn't get to the back door in time...poor old girl. Scrabbled about in the bag of potatoes trying to find one big enough to bake that doesn't have green bits on it...and failed. Wondered how much cheese is too much. Or is cheese like you can eat as much as you like...thought about having a bath but think I can last out until tomorrow. Threw a tantrum over Book Bub 'cos it won't let me buy the book I really want to read...not available in your country it says, like I live on feckin Mars. Forgot the oldies pasta was boiling away merrily and now the bottom layer is stuck fast to the saucepan...waited for feckin hours while the old desktop moaned and groaned and grumbled just so I could print some photos off...wished I could work out how to print them from new laptop but it's beyond me...went to see the cats and the one that was missing and I'd worried over, bit my ankle...hard. For no reason other than he felt like it. Watched that stupid Blue tit stuffing bits of moss into the gnome with the broken head...he'll start tapping on the windows next...drives the dogs quite demented. Wondered briefly why Gracie cooked an Irish dinner for Paddy's Day when I'm certain she's Italian...thought about making some soda bread but didn't...think we need a new fridge and a new washing machine but can't bear the thought of all that money. The fridge has lumpy bits on the top and the washing machine sounds as though it's on its last legs and won't rinse properly anymore. That might be the washing powder though. Bought a special offer and small print...right at the bottom of the carton...for industrial use only. If it's for industrial use why doesn't it get my dish cloths sparkling white...they emerge pale grey and sort of unhealthy looking. And why did I dream about catching a bright yellow snake last a matchbox. Chasing the creature round and round and trying to stuff it into a very small matchbox. Don't know what my sub conscious is trying to tell me but whatever it is...I don't like it. And I had horrible leg cramps. Better go and scrape well boiled pasta out of the saucepan and stir in some yummy tinned meat for the oldies.