What a long day...no real reason why it should have been so and it wasn't for lack of things to do...just sort of...long.

My workroom is looking in need of some care and attention before beginning any new projects so I made a start by filling in a few holes and gaps. Copious amounts of ripped up newspaper to fill in the biggest holes before ladling on the filler which makes me feel a bit guilty if there are any spiders lurking 'cos they wouldn't be able to escape...if there are mice they just chew their way free.

The floor is in dire straits...the floor paint I used last year which was seriously expensive, has flaked off so much that the only part still painted is under one of the tables. It did make me cross when I think of the amount of effort that went into doing , never mind the cost of the stuff...and the foul smell it emitted had me on my last legs for days afterwards...suppose that ought to be fumes rather than the smell.

Most of it is covered with rag rugs but there are annoying bits that show...the weather is against having the door and windows open so a solution to the floor will have to wait...it'll take me ages to fill all the draughty gaps in anyway.

I lugged the big black cat into my room this morning...he didn't like it much being out of his comfort zone and it didn't help when he slapped Millie across the face and she growled at him. His brother has been gone for two days and he's missing him terribly. He's restless and keeps meowing...the other dogs were hell bent on murder and kept jumping up at the windows trying to see him. He went through the purpose made hole into the goat pen in the end...I was hoping he'd stay to frighten or catch some mice but he wasn't a happy cat at all and went back to the tunnel in the garden.

I hope his brother comes back...they've never been apart since they were born and I don't like not knowing where he is.

The goat lives in the barn which joins onto my workroom...in case you were wondering. She's ancient and is slightly loopy now. Sits there with a sort of vacant smile on her face...seriously...she does...showing her horrible yellow front teeth and a bit of her tongue.

Himself tried in vain to catch sight of the meteor at twilight yesterday evening but to no avail...our binoculars probably aren't quite powerful enough and we sold the telescope years ago which was a bit silly.

Stinky Dinky is lurching round and round my chair dropping broad hints about her tea time so I'd better feed the oldies and then have a think about our supper.