Not really.

The only good thing about spring break is time to sleep, and I don't have to go to work. I also have time to update, clean up and rearrange all of my Sun, Gold and Black Velvet blogs. (I only have three of them--I did have four, but I deleted the one through Facebook; since they changed their policy, they own any images that you upload to their site.) You can peruse Sun, Gold and Black Velvet here on Ipernity, in the folder, or on Tumblr, and now we're new on Juxtapose!!

I've been struggling to keep up with daily updates on Tumblr (which means either drawing a thumbnail every day, or if you're like me, you wait till the very very last second to make all of my thumbnails), so this is a great opportunity to actually get enough material to carry my updates for a while, allowing me to focus a little more closely on my classwork.

Of course, my novel isn't the only thing that I'm doing with my break. I'm trying to finish a shell for a project for a class, if that makes any sense. I'll explain: I'm sculpting a doll for a class, but the project isn't about the sculpture; it's about what I do with the doll--I need to hollow him, wash him with sigileta, fire him, and color him. Then I need to string him, and arrange his costume. After that, I need to arrange his gallery space with a child-sized bed, fully put together to look like a real bed, and black out any windows in the room.

But first, I need to sculpt the 'shell', of the project.

Other than that, I'm up to aaaaaaaaaaabsolutely nothin. ^.^v