It's been a while since I've been around. It was a crazy semester--I had eighteen credit hours, which means I spent eighteen hours, every two days, twice a week, in class, I also worked between fifteen and eighteen hours a week, trying to keep up on rent. They also expect you to put in two hours of homework for every one hour of class, which is an impossible demand, to be honest.

I took a figure sculpture class, and the prof was amazing. Her practice has revolved around sculpting the figure. That was probably the most useful class that I took this semester. I took a biology class, history class, and an English class (they keep us art kids busy), as well as a class for my degree, figure sculpture and stop motion animation class.

The class for my degree was the reason I started sculpting the BJDs, and I will tell you why I'm so upset that the prof pressured me into making the BJDs:

First, it was just after midterms, so I'd had a good taste of my figure sculpture class, and I realized that I had a lot to learn--I still have a lot to learn. which is why I'm glad I had the opportunity to have a follow-up class to my figure sculpture class. I told the prof this and he pushed me to make the dolls. If I hadn't been so busy this semester, perhaps I would have finished the dolls during the semester, but I wanted to get it right more than I wanted just to have something to show. A lot of people take for granted that, though clay is plentiful, clay is akin to oil in that it's a limited, and quite honestly precious, resource. I would rather have something fired that I see as worthy than I would to fire something that I hate and/or will throw away.

So I started Nameless Girl BJD just after midterms, but after about a month, we'd had critiques and I was running up against some roadblocks, so I decided to put her and her male counterpart 'on the shelf' until I had better tools to handle them. He kept pressuring me through the semester to keep working on them, but I was really busy--a fact that he didn't seem to respect. Sorry we can't all be perfect and function on two hours of sleep a day for months at a time.

I didn't want to leave the two dolls incomplete forever, so since break started, I've been hacking away at them, making progress here and there. I guess if I'd pushed myself, I could've finished them already, but I also wanted to use this break to work on my novel.

Yup! I'm an author as well as an artist. I've begun publishing my novel in two parts over on Tumblr. The first part is Kitty's journal, which is being posted in it's final form, and the second part is the thumbnails of the graphic novel. Check it out!