Third issue of Wisp!

The new third issue of Wisp is now online in time for a cool reading to refresh you during your summer vacations (or warm you up during the long winter nights if you are in the southern hemisphere).

Either way, be sure to grab one of the many formats at your disposal, the PDF to download, or the online web formats (text or flash with graphics)!

We thank all the contributors for their involvement, all our readers for their heartfelt support, and we hope that once again, you'll find it enjoyable and inspirational.

Now what?…   

Spread the word, send your comments or use the contact form to send your feedback, suggestions and possible submissions you'd like to find in the next issues.

Alternatively, you can send an email as well to one of our addresses (like wisp_ezine (at) yahoogroups (dot) com).

Note: If you're new to Wisp, be sure to check an introduction featured in this month's Sethnet journal, thanks to John McNally and the Sethnet team.


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