The biggest issue so far with no less than 40 pages, this seventh issue of Wisp is now released to give you good treats to eat!

In it, you’ll find offbeat articles you don’t get anywhere else: about Ancient Egypt, poetry and art, new books chapters, cooking tips, personal stories and dream adventures, you name it! All of these to keep you exploring with a child’s wonder the incredible diversity of our realities (and pushing their boundaries).

These last past months, we also have been working to bring you the Wisp archives in a more tangible format, and the first proofs for the first two quarterly bounds (that’s the equivalent of the last 6 issues in full colours) have been received last week. We are still expecting the printer to make some final adjustments, but it should soon be available for orders; hopefully in time for a nice Christmas gift!

As usual, we welcome your feedback and suggestions (wisp_ezine (at) yahoogroups (dot) com).