...to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the sweet souls
who have made my Trip such a special and memorable one.

Some of them may never see this but I hope they know my
appreciation anyway.

The list is not quite exhaustive, as always there were others
who helped along the way.

Everyone mentioned below was honest and true
and made a difference…

Thank you...

New York

... to the Haitian cab driver who picked me up at JFK; for sharing his customs and knowledge in such an open way. The ride was too short!

... to the warm waiter at the Palace; for La Macarena and + which meant so much to me. I'm so glad you made an exception and shared those gems with me =-) I'll be getting that book.

...to the threesome from Colombia; for writing down the title and extending their warmth. Your photo is on my priority list.

...to the two little sisters; for making me smile with their spontaneous curiosity and conversation which I hope was satisfied ;-)

...to Eric the "Orange" ;-) For all your help in sorting stuff out and with such a great smile!

San Francisco

…to Sherry-Rebujito’s family; for responding so quickly and warmly, for being in touch and offering to meet up with me. I’m sorry I didn’t manage it this time – we will do it the next. :-)

...to the concierge gal with the super smile and attitude; for squeezing me into the tour and sorting out my transport, which rocked!

…to the great tour guide for having me up front and recommending two super restaurants. Yummy! … to the bunch on the tour who were such a friendly lot, pointing out shots and all! …to the lady from the Hannover at the tour office; I wish I could have stayed a little longer to chat.

…to Sophie; for delivering the boots and making the purchase possible for me, for the warm note and wishes (they came true) :-)

…to the marvellous Guacamole-maker from Mexico at Colibri; for introducing me to habanero chile – that’s the way I like it - hot!

...to the two lovely Leos; for befriending and entertaining me, for outshining a hot ‘n’ happening nightspot with their easy and open charm - and sooo easy on the eyes too! ;-)

…to M for Mmm-mmm! It’s not just California girls who deserve songs to be written about them… …and for seeing me off with XOX and directions over the right bridge and scenic route…


…to the pixies at Amber House; as well as their lovely human helpers ;-) Ooh… the hummingbirds, the home-fresh-baked cookies and the advice to take route 49!

…to AB; what can I say that we didn’t feel? The gifts are precious, the Dreamcatcher hangs above my bed – and I am finally dreaming and remembering… *beams* …the Medicine Wheel also, which I take down and raise to the four directions and then re-hang with reverence. The portrait, so precious, the - opened at sunset at an auspicious place and moment. I love you, sweet soul… Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again. ((((((( AB )))))))

…to the blue-eyed twins with placards and principles; for showing me how only-children and twins have some strong traits in common! I could have swayed and chatted with you all day! There should be more men like you – and in unique pairs too! I hope our paths cross again.

…to all the warm waiters at The Waterboy; for the attention, conversation and spontaneous photo taking – I dined alone and with great company! ;-)

Route 49 (and detours)

…to the fantastic folk at BearValley; for coming to the door in the dark and being helpful hoots! For actually letting me in a couple of days later; what a fucking riot!!! *LMAO* Birds of a funny old feather, eh?

…to the sweet lady with the Synchronicity sign; for sharing her family story, for the very meaningful and synchronous gift and for the synchronous ((( hug )))

…to the very pretty and friendly girlie at the saloon in Jamestown; for lending me her cellphone so I could make a much needed call and to all the guys there – wish I could have stayed for that drink ;-)


…to the kindly lady who let me in when I arrived late; for feeding me when I was hungry and the main kitchen was shut; for looking for a converter plug and letting me rummage through the drawers to look for one (!) while she called up the store in the village and successfully zeroed in on where I could find one close to 11pm – phew!

…to the exceedingly helpful young man at the pharmacy; for really persevering and managing to locate the aforementioned adaptor, despite it having been relocated recently so even though it seemed that there were none left – he found them! Also for sharing his bear story. :-)

…to the gracious lady on the night shift who greeted me when I returned; for the meaningful conversation that we shared, for offering me a glass of red wine (yes please!) and making me a second super sandwich. Yum!

…to the Indian with the dot (!); for being a great guide, for a gregarious Ganesh day, for prolonging it till the last golden rays hit the rocks and the crescent moon rose in the pink sky, for taking so many super photos (not to mention video!), for sharing the perfect picnic, for the laughter, for the honesty… I’ll be back so we can explore more – you know I’m up for doing it with a pair of guides! *LOL*

…to R; for telling me about the bobcats!! Wow! Dream come true stuff for me - I must return with time!

…to the charming gentleman who saw me on my way; for encouraging me to take a walk in the gardens (which proved to be a unique experience), for offering and taking my photo, for seeing me off me with provisions and a-cute detour suggestion.

San Francisco

…to the Colombian waiter at Scoma’s; for sharing his story and philosophy with candour. I hope you enjoy your retirement in that your house soon!

…to the concierge guy; another fine native Californian, for all his work to try and get me on the earlier flight, taking care of with the rental car return for me and dispatching me ever-so-swiftly so I could make it - I did! =-D

…to the taxi driver from El Salvador; for getting me to the airport in good time and for the animated and informative conversation on route. So much in common…

…to the lovely Canadian lady at the AA desk; for sorting me out and ensuring I didn’t have to pay excess luggage (!) and the gentleman from the Philippines, who explained how AA were different, and relaxed and assured me I’d make the flight with them - and was quite right!

In transit

…to H & J; for the great exchange on the plane and introducing me to your lovely family when we landed – it was great seeing four generations of strong and vibrant females together – Wow!!! …and to their lovely daughters H & J for their sweet hugs… =-)

…to N on the train to NY; for the non-stop conversation and education! Vegas is now on my list as is she for my next trip to the Big Apple! Here’s to a classy and cultured Lady with a capital L :-)

New York

…to the Haitian taxi driver with the natural elixir of youth!; for such a fun and upbeat exchange, for sharing his values and attitude. Where have I put your card?!?

…to the driver from Casablanca; for doing his utmost to get us to the station in time and dropping us off exactly where he did. Mā šā Allāh.

…to the dark man who praised my pants; for then going out of his way and leading me to where I needed to go.

…to the exceedingly helpful man at the Church of St Francis of Assisi; for his assistance, for stopping the right person who crossed his path and had the answers that he didn’t, so that he could help me find what I didn’t know I was looking for.


…to everyone I met and those I didn’t who made it a wonderful experience and make a difference.

…to the four speakers; for all that they give and generate, for being and doing +

…to M the Musician with the sweetest of souls; for sharing his experiences and thoughts, for being better than a Zagat Guide on (fine, fine) legs, for giving us an entertaining and personalised tour of his neighbourhood in New York and taking us to a such fabulous restaurant… yummiee!!! We will do it again!

…to A the first lady we met; for telling us all about those fascinating wasps (a lesson indeed) and for your wonderful offer – to answer my questions – wow!!! Music to mine ears; it means so very much to me…

…”David” and V; for (again) proving that coincidences don’t just happen and that they do for a variety of reasons, all valid.

…M the psychologist, beautiful, blonde, brainy and such bone structure(!) and with a heart and soul to match; for sharing, for educating, for being and for showing how I needn’t be fearful of her sort… and for the ride! You are a fine card up my sleeve! *Tee hee* ;-)

…to A from Toronto with those amazing light clear eyes; for sharing her experience(s) and vision – I wish I could have given you more in return.

…to the girlie in the woods; for exchanging smiles and a sodden experience in passing ;-)

…to Soulfège; for the marvellous music and lyrics with + meaning. I hope you make it to Granada and to see and hear you there.

….to PW with the long lone earring; for the knowledge and amazing experiences that you shared with us that night, for being such a special and brave lady. I feel honoured to have met you and hope we can ((( hug ))) again :-)

…to J & J; for great questions and answers, for being such precious examples of soul-mates… Oooh! What a wonderful couple!

…to the twin with liquid eyes and his lovely lady; for what I learned through his experience and words and for pointing me in the right direction at the right time… :-)

…to YH, Ph.D from Manhattan; for (again) showing how chance conversations can be meaningful and giving me your card – I now have an option to explore personally if I wish :-)

…to CB who I kept "following" and bumping into; for delivering a cute message from the Universe! ;-)

…to SC and her mother; for making contact at the end which brings more meaning and depth to what we witnessed.

…to S the Sceptic; for being yourself and asking questions in the queue – I’m looking forward to mutual learning! *grins*

…to Inma; for a wonderful introduction that set the pace and vibe for what was to come, my favourite way – the best for last. =-) Yes to the dogs!!! I hope to hear from you…


…to the girlie with the sparkling eyes at the train station; for being so helpful in sorting out our tickets and refund, for keeping our suitcases and recommending such a fine restaurant!

…to her man K at GiGi’s; for superb recommendations and service with such friendliness and smiles. Wishing you both happiness together – I love Internet romances that come true like yours!

…to C for the cab ride there; for engaging me in conversation that kept me in the car way longer than I should have stayed!

…to A; for managing to squeeze us in and take us into town and for picking us up and delivering us on time.

New York

…to J from Sacramento at GPH; for the charming chat and taking me up to the terrace at night (which I’d really wanted to do) despite it being closed off for an event – yippee! – and for introducing me to the bulb room! Happy travels… :-)

…to the ever-so-efficient, friendly and helpful Swiss young lady at reception; for ensuring we could enjoy our complimentary lunch late and on the terrace (against the odds) and the gorgeous Slovenian waitress (with matching smile) who saw it through.

…to the cultured young man from Turkey and England for the travel tips and courteous welcome

…to their colleagues upstairs for letting me play upstairs in the bulb room! *giggles*

…to George, Ben & family at Empire Shoe Repair; for a truly wonderful job (as usual) and in within a matter of hours to avoid having to send them by mail. They are the best – and it was lovely to meet their Dad! :-)

Last and far from least

...to HW; for joining me on the SS part of the trip. You know you made and make a difference. *I love you*

... *AA* ++ ... ;-)