Summer at home when home is a holiday resort brings a varied bag of delights. Ferias, concerts, and all sorts of colourful and cultural events ripple out from each town or village over the spring and summer months.

I love June; lengthy days temperate enough to luxuriate out in the countryside or at the beach, with a golden glow of light teasing the long shadows of the late sunsets. July is my favourite full-on summer month, there are more people around; an animated atmosphere for going out, hot days to be spent by the sea and balmy nights that tempt you to linger on till dawn.

In August the tourists descend en mass, plague-like in some forms but less disciplined and orderly than most insects. The sun sets sooner and there is humidity in the night air not discernable a fortnight before; strains of the scent of autumn remind us that summer days are shortening. I prefer spending time home alone or entertaining and visiting with like-minded friends, away from the maddening masses stressing to enjoy their leisure.

This year the month got off to a start worthy of its name… I had been looking forward to my trip to Berlin for months, keen to meet a very special person. People often talk about deceptiveness on the net, but it is true that one can encounter the total opposite. I had a warm and wonderful image of a loving, laughing soul… the vibrant person who embraced me with reflected enthusiasm is all this and much +

Unconditional love is true *bliss* =-)

I’m looking forward to rounding off August with another treat. I’m flying to New York, then California the next day – with just enough time to check out the camera store in NY! Ah, the delights of the dollar exchange as opposed to the Euro for a Sterling person… ;-)

These are the dates for those who have an interest:

29-31 ~ San Francisco
31-1 ~ Sacramento
1-3 ~ Yosemite National Park
3-4 ~ San Francisco

Then it's back to New York to meet up with another very special soul and attend a conference in Rhineback over the weekend, my reason for travelling around these dates.

So I'm looking forward to what this trip brings and open to whatever that may be. I hope for a learning experience of adventure and discovery, scenic sights and curious creatures, punctuated with smiles and flavoured with feelings of joyful freedom.