Last night I found myself walking down to the beach alone, bearing a large bag and an anticipatory smile.
I wanted to see the fireworks, bonfire and go for a post midnight swim in the sea; I had determined that this year would be a skinny-dip! The friends who'd been planning to come with me had gradually dropped out and I was happy to be able to enjoy the witching hour in my own way. Reaching the edge of the milling people, I found myself a spot on the sand, spread my towel and lay down to enjoy the fireworks, camera at the ready.

After the fireworks, the bonfire was lit. I lay gazing through the lens at the fire through the gaps in the crowd and peoples limbs as the flames leaped high above them - when suddenly a pair of legs appeared out of nowhere and straddled me. Opening my left eye I focused and familiar crotch came into view...

Two of my friends had been walking through the beach and wondering whether I'd be there and if they'd see me. We'd been in touch by text earlier but hadn't arranged anything. It was more crowded than other years and visibility was limited to silhouettes.

"Look for a flash," said one of them, "She'll be behind the camera..." Just then they looked down and there I was, lying on the sand in front of them, lens stuck to eye and in another world…
Coincidences happen often for those who believe in them.

My two friends were the only ones from their family who had made it down and the three of us stalwarts had converging ideas about enjoying the night. Knowing that I always go into the sea, they asked if I was going swimming and I explained that this year I wanted to go in nekkid and I'd been thinking of going to another beach as there were so many people around.
“Let’s walk a way down,” X said as he hoisted my big bag. The three of us walked along the shore until there were only a few stragglers, “That's far enough,” X asserted. I looked around as untied my bikini and folded it into my bag, taking my towel and considering my options.

“I'll go down to the shore with you, you take off the robe and give it to me and I'll be waiting for you with the towel when you come out - so long as I don't get wet!”


Midsummer Mediterranean night
wading into the water
I went from skyclad to seaclad
in the whisper of a wave
immersing myself and feeling the flow
loosening my tresses
tasting salt and freedom
Bonfire figures glowed in the distance
with my back to them I gazed out
watched by the waning moon
at the endless horizon and stars in the sky


As I returned to my entry point I saw that there were over a dozen people, filling bottles of water, milling around and taking pictures. I saw the dark outline of my friend pointing further down the shore as he started walking.
I swam down on a parallel route, relishing the extra minutes in the Mare Nostrum.

When I emerged I didn’t feel cold at all. I wrapped the towel round me and we made our way to the bonfire to get dry and dressed. Upon seeing me, X had commented on my garb saying that the best thing about djellabas were the hand-holes through which you can scratch your balls. Not having testicles myself, I find the faux-pockets are useful for performing an inverse striptease within the realms of decency. To each their own… ;-)


Here's to enjoying Midsummer nights and more...!