Today I am having an open house gathering - a pre-Birthday celebration!

My friends and their children will be arriving as from one o'clock, and there will be an all day dinner ~ from lunch through to tea-time then a barbecue in the evening ~ by which time the toddlers will have mostly gone off with their respective parents and other friends sans smallies will have migrated in for the hard stuff... ;-)

I'm expecting around 40, just over a quarter children. My friends are an eclectic bunch. I'm looking forward to enjoying them all - while everyone can help themselves to whatever they want... I'll be mingling! If the weather is fine we can play in the garden and go for a swim (bring your cossie, swim nekkid - or don't swim, of course!). In any case I've made the whole of downstairs toddler-friendly, peppered the room with cuddly toys and moved all the breakables out of reach. So everyone can just relax, do their own thing and have a good time... =)

I've got colourful balloons, jelly and cakes and all sorts of yummy stuff to eat (the menu is looong and my friends have contributed wonderfully) with jugs of Sangria and Mojitos in the evening. Lashings of Moroccan mint tea too!


Here's to family, friends, food & fun!