I've been absent from interacting on Ipernity this last week or so... I'm sorry but there were some *big* things going on in my life which... just took up all of me.

Anyway, I'll continue to be away until next week because I'm fucking off on a holiday - a HOLIDAY!!!!
Not just travel, not a "trip" - though I have a feeling it's going to be one too... ;-)

*Tee hee*

So, I'm driving off in my little car, with my phallic shooter easily grabbable on the passanger seat next to me and the music blasting ~ when the sun shines I'll put the roof down and think of my frend Sherry-Rebujito as I'm cruisin'... you'll be proud of me, girl! ;-)

So, all positives thoughts for all sorts of yumminess are more than welcome! *I* will be doing *exactly* what I want to be doing. =)

I will get back to all the comments I've not yet replied to, on all streams - thanks to Ipernity's recent upgrades I'll be able to catch up on every single one when I return ~ thanks Team Ipernity!

Thank you for bothering to read this - it's either care, curiosity or a combination; all to be encouraged! =D

Love and kisses,