When the Censorship row exploded on F****r, I didn't like the way they (mis)handled things so I stopped uploading photos and participating, out of protest. That was when I joined Ipernity to suck it and see; I immediately found it quite different, though more appealing in certain ways. I was rapidly and increasingly impressed with Ipernity and within a month got a Pro account, though I’d planned on waiting a little longer - they just convinced me sooner!

I only joined F****r two months before the row, so I have no idea what it was like “in the good old days”, only what others have referred to so positively in their comments. Maybe I wasn’t there long enough to get into it properly, I was enjoying discovering F****r enormously, but the censorship debacle popped my bubble. When I’d return to check the protest Groups I became increasingly disillusioned and after I resumed uploading my involvement there has been pretty much perfunctory.

I find it is easier and more fluid to strike a rapport with others on Ipernity, as well as follow conversations or streams – and be more connected, generally. At F****r I find it time-consuming and mostly futile to check the comments I’ve made – so many people prefer to collect accolades and don’t even bother with a reply. I’ve gathered from others here on Ipernity that they feel the opposite; maybe there’s an essential plug-in I’m missing or maybe it’s just me. I’d like to know, out of curiosity, though at this stage I’m not willing to invest much time there to find out.

Ipernity has also been a better learning tool for me than F****r, which is not what I’d expected. In this context, as well as others, the blog and video features on Ipernity are a great plus. I also like the layout of the front page and the member tags - the whole feel of things, in general. Ipernity Team’s response to people’s requests and wishes has been fantastic; the new improvements over the last weeks and months have been great and auger well for the future.

Which is really the most salient difference between them; Ipernity respond to their customers/community whereas F****r’s attitude is markedly contrasted and cavalier; they respond to a market (share). I understand that they prefer certain “trouble-makers” slip away, over one issue or another, as their focus and emphasis is on the many thousands signing up daily to join the many millions. I understand they have their priorities… but I don’t share them and their attitude is as off-putting to me as the environment they are creating.

But as a mass photo-sharing / storage site F****r is great, I subscribe to it. I use my account there mainly to share full resolution photos with friends and family; those from events and outings where we’ve been together are mostly private, though I also have many photos of the Hounds and other such that are there for all to view. The unlimited upload is useful as I can upload batches at will; I don’t like the result on my photostream but the way you can organise Sets and Collections makes it easy for my friends to locate the photos they’re interested in. Though there is overlap, at Ipernity I’m more selective about the photos I upload, at F****r I have more quantity, maybe a whole album as opposed to a few photos. You’re welcome to visit and I’ll be happy to import anything upon request. ;-)

So for the moment I have both, horses for courses. Even if Ipernity were to increase their upload allowance I would not change my dual system, now that I have stumbled into it by default I find it serves me well.
F****r is a very convenient tool, but quite frankly I’d rather be browsing through photos and spending my online time here at Ipernity. Ipernity is more fruitful and fun!