As Biogoode's first huge seagull is launched on its evil course,
my communications network follows and relays his progress,
passing it along to Stiletto via a complex web of flight and aerial systems...

Feathered beings rally to the call and pass on the battle cry;
an attack has been launched against Stiletto – all with wings fly to her defence!

The news swiftly spreads;
Bigoode’s evil clouds are forming,
the super seagull has been sent to destroy Stiletto and a great army is gathering around her!

The birds get into a flap! But there is more!

He is using his mind powers to weaken Stiletto!!

How can this be fought against?!?

What avian champion could possibly break Bigoode’s hypnotic hold…???

Bigoode is dazzled by the green lights of this rare-breasted bird…!!!

Meanwhile, on the beaches huge flocks of gulls have amassed, with more arriving all the time.
As Biogoode sends more stormy clouds my way the troops are readied for action…

The teeming mass of seagulls extends for miles, snaking its way up the coast.
Birds have flocked to Stiletto’s defence from as far as can be flown!

Squadron after squadron of finely trained, fighter formation birds are sent to dispatch
Bigoode’s clumsy little arrowheads -those little birdies are no match for my Black Death Dive Squads!!

A total contrast to Bigoode’s sparse disorderly rabble,
the elite White Gull Corps stand to attention, alert for the signal to launch their attack.

As Marduk gives the signal with his magic tail, the birds rise and take off across the sea.

A huge volley of gulls sets out across water to decimate Bigoode’s puny rabble...
more wait on the shores for their turn, as wave after wave of birds take wing…
the skies fill with feathered clouds…

Back on the beach the powerful Marduk, in tune with the forces of nature,
continues to wield his marvellous magic…

With the gulls providing air cover, bovine beings gallop in to stamp out the remaining bits of Bigoode’s birds.

“Ah…”, Bigoode thinks, “I have seen this before! Cows and gulls – I know of your unholy alliances!”


With Bigoode’s clouds hiding the super-seagull drawing ever closer I assure you Bigoode,
my defence is not just a load of bull…!!!

...because you haven’t seen what’s coming now!!!



You have no idea what forces you have awakened!! Ha ha!!!


*mweh mweh mweh*

With a flutter of dark wings a shape takes form and starts to rise….

Up… up into the skies…

The winged silhouette rises in a brilliant flash of light!

Please click on the - photo below - it's worth seeing a little larger! ;-)

Bigoode’s clouds are broken up by the powerful beams...!!!

The super seagull is no match for this winged wonder!!!


The End