I headed for the beach with the Hounds yesterday afternoon to take advantage of the warm and sunny weather and went for a glorious walk along the beach. To be doing this mid October is a treat I don't take for granted. I suppose my bikini days are seriously numbered now, I've been taking my time saying goodbye to the summer and the farewells aren't quite over for me!

Beachcoming is quite boring during the summer, but now the shoreline is different and the rougher seas cough up all sorts of objects, Yesterday there were loads of canes and branches, a selection of sodden shoes and a profusion of buoys of all shapes, colours and sizes. Marduk gleefuly spotted a shiny new red one which he had great fun playing with on the way out - and didn't get bored of, which is a first! He ended up carrying or playing with it most of the way back, though I eventually felt sorry for him and his jaw and carried it the final bit myself - but he didn't manage to get me to do it earlier! ;-p

One of the few people we came across was a jogger who made a yapping hand signal and asked as he approached on at a lope, "Do they bite?"

Now this is a silly question. Why, what are you going to do?! Stop and pat them? Hit me over the head?
Of course they bite! How else are they going to eat their food - or deal with anyone who tries to take it from them, for that matter?!
Now, if you mean - "Will they turn around and bite me as I'm jogging past, like frenzied savage beasts?" the answer to that would be, "No... See, I have one under control on a bright red leash and the other is visibly calm and I can trust him to walk to heel and behave like a gent; you have nothing to worry about!"
But in seconds as a chap is running by, one can't really get into all of this.
So I just answered, "No", which is what he was expecting to hear.

I'd prefer it if joggers or walkers cried out, "Keep them away from me!" - "I'm frightened of dogs!"
Then I'd know where they're coming from. But I've noticed, many people ask, "Do they bite?" either because they want to touch them (in which case, why not ask that question, it comes with a different reply) or just for the heck of it, from a distance as I walk by. Bizarre.

On the way back the jogger smiled at me. Both Hounds were lying down as I was taking some shots, looking the epitome of well trained and impeccably behaved canines. Of course, they had lain in a way so as to give shade to what I was trying to photograph but this is typical. Looks can be very deceptive, but he seemed to approve.